Pretty Little Liars Week: Alison

I’m a huge fan of PLL; I remember first watching it on MTV and then they stopped showing it in the UK. I took a risk and bought the first 2 series on DVD from Amazon and then I was hooked! I’ve got series 1-5 now and then watch the rest on Netflix. In honour of my obsession, I thought I’d dedicate this week to the show, focusing on each character: what I love about them, what I hate about them and of course, fashion tips! I’ll be counting down to my favourite character at the end of the week, so let’s kick things off with Alison!

Let’s put this out there, Ali is beautiful. On the outside, but she has an ugly soul. Can you imagine if your best friend had lied about being dead for years? I personally think she is the biggest bitch going! I will remind you I am basing this on the character of Alison, not Sasha who plays her. (I love all the actresses!)

The one thing I do love about her is that she keeps a journal. I love the idea of writing down everything you’re keeping inside. I also admire that she is a good reader of people. She knows ther strengths and weaknesses, it’s just she goes one step further and exploits them.

But let’s face it, most of us really care about fashion! Here are my top tips for looking like Ali (these are in the seasons where she is actually alive rather than beforehand):


  • Ali always has her beautiful blonde locks down and curled mostly. Try using a pair of hair straighteners or a wide-barrel curling tong to achieve this effortless look.
  • She mostly has two looks: a pretty dress or jeans with a pretty top. To achieve this look, stuff your wardrobe with floral prints!
  • She also knows how to rock a funky jacket. Ali has worn her fair share of denim and leather jackets but also knows that adding a blazer to an outfit can smarten up your look instantly.
  • Keep make-up to a minimum unless you’re going to an event. During the day, she wears minimal eye make-up and a nude glossy lip. For events, try a classic black winged eye with red lips.
  • Rock a pattern! Ali lives in prints and the bolder they are, the better!
  • Ali wears a lot of girly colours such as pink and purple. Sure she’ll rock a dark colour from time to time but for the most part, she’s in pastels and brights.