Pretty Little Liars Week: Aria

If I’m Spencer in personality, I’m Aria in looks- petite and brunette is me all over! I tend to love characters who look most like me in any TV series that I watch but definitely in PLL. Lucy Hale is one of my favourite actresses anyway so I as obsessed with Aria from day one on PLL.

For me, Aria’s best quality is that she is a hopeless romantic. I guess I have parts of her personality too but Aria will do anything for the person she is in love with. Her relationship with Ezra for the most part is my ultimate goal in life.

She tends to be pretty reserved unlike some of the other girls but is so compassionate and lovable, you can’t help but like her!

  • Aria is so passionate about the arts, in particular literature and photography. I love the arts myself so it’s nice to see a character on TV love them to!
  • She has very unique style. Admittedly, I love some of her outfits but some of them are far too crazy for me to understand!
  • Accessories are what Aria uses to express herself. Like Hanna, she usually has some sort of statement jewellery on such as earrings or a necklace.
  • Don’t underestimate her; one of my favourite quotes is when Spencer says to her, “You’re little but you’re big.” Aria is pretty fearless!
  • Aria has the most beautiful long, dark brown, thick locks; thick hair requires a lot of maintenance but hers looks very natural.
  • Her main go-to make-up look is a smoky eye and nude lip. For a daytime look, switch the black eyeliner for brown.
  • Her eyebrows are the one.
  • Her notebook moment kissing Ezra in the rain, yes!