Pretty Little Liars Week: Emily

Day 2 of PLL Week focuses on Emily. Emily is considered to be the quiet one of the group in the beginning but a lot happens to her over the course of the six series so she toughens up and becomes the rock of the group.

Her style has evolved over the series as well; to begin with, she was rocking a denim skirt all the time but now has a sporty/rocker style which is effortless and so so easy to achieve!

To be the Emily of the group, you need to be very good at a sport. Emily is the best swimmer at Rosewood so work hard to make it to the top!

  • Be a proper daddy’s girl. Even if your dad isn’t in the army, make sure he’s the main guy in your life and always be honest with him.
  • Always be yourself. Love who you want to, be kind to others but stand up for what you believe in and don’t be a pushover!
  • Emily has laid-back style down to a tee: jeans and a t-shirt, She rocks a slogan tank vest like no-one else, loves a plaid shirt but when it’s summer, she always has her pins out!
  • Perfect the no make-up make-up look. Natural foundation, mascara and lipgloss should do the trick. Emily is naturally beautiful so she doesn’t really need it!
  • Take care of your hair properly; make sure you deep condition it when you can and use curling tongs for a natural curl if you need to.
  • You know how to dance!
  • Invest in a window seat in your bedroom, they’re super cute, cosy and comfy!