Pretty Little Liars Week: Hanna

Hanna may well be the funniest of the PLL girls; she comes out with the best one liners often in every episode and is definitely the most caring in the gorup. I love that she is obsessed with fashion, not only in terms of her style but she really knows her stuff. She might not be as smart as Spencer but if she’s into a subject, she’ll know everything about it!

My favourite thing about Hanna is that she is not to be underestimated. She might be beautiful and confident but inside she is a strong young woman who will do anything for someone she loves.


  • Know your stuff about your favourite stuff: fashion is Hanna’s passion and she knows A LOT about it!
  • Along with fashion, hair and beauty are very important. Long blonde locks and pink glossy lips complement every outfit!
  • Her style tends to be pretty feminine and always on-trend; she’s definitely the most fashionable of the girls. Keep an eye on fashion blogs and websites!
  • Hanna has the biggest heart which she always follows.
  • She likes to believe the best in people (Lucas and Mona, anyone?) but she is not a pushover.
  • The girl is attached to her phone like it is with her 24-7, like most of us really!