Pretty Little Liars Week: Spencer

Spencer Hastings is my spirit animal. I would say out of all the girls, my personality is most like hers. She is not embarrassed about being smart and working hard; she’s more serious and sarcastic that the other girls and she is the queen of preppy!

She is the friend all the girls go to when they need advice because she’s not just book-smart, she’s life-smart. She’s the one with all the answers and the most dependable girl in the group.

I envy Spencer because of her brains and beauty. It’s usually one or the other so for her to be intelligent and look stunning constantly, I bow down to her!

  • She always looks well put-together. A hair is never out of place, she always has the right books with her, you will never see her sweat.
  • Her style is always preppy; her wardrobe is full of blazers, blouses and sweaters. I would say she’s an appropriate dresser because she knows exactly what to wear for every occasion.
  • Spencer’s hair is always immaculate; dark brown curls adorn her face but they always look natural!
  • Speaking of natural, Spencer only really bothers with basic make-up- mascara and lip balm usually!
  • Grammar is her forte and she is not afraid to pull you up on it!
  • She is the most loyal friend who always has their interests at heart.
  • She is a digger; she likes to dig for more information until she finds out the truth. Plus she loves it!
  • Spencer is such a perfectionist; she is super organised and juggles a million different things on her schedule and still makes time for her friends!
  • She has it altogether on the outside but inside she is just trying to keep it altogether. She ultimately breaks down though 🙁