Primark Haul

I have a secret to tell you: I am well and truly skint. I’m only working Saturdays and am travelling to Sheffield a couple of times a week; with bills and everything, I have zero money at the end of the month. After getting some extra hours over Christmas, I thought I’d nip into my local Primark and see if I could find anything. I was surprised to find tonnes of items; they’ve really knocked it out of the park this time!
I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the store as I’ve always thought the quality has got gradually worse. I was so thrilled to find loads of clothes in there! Here’s a peek at my haul:
Jacket, £14.00
Tee, £2.80
Tee, £2.80
Tee, £3.00
Tee, £4.00
Jumper, £10.00
Jumper, £10.00
Sweatshirt, £5.00

I bought a few extra bits and pieces (underwear, PJs) and spent around £70 in total. I was really impressed with the amount of choice there was in store and it was one of the best shopping experiences I’ve had in a while. The later in the day you go, the better it is. No queues, neat displays, friendlier staff, although I doubt I’ll be visiting again for a while or else I’ll have no money left!

What do you think of the items I picked up? Do you have any of them yourself? Have you had a shop in Primark lately? Leave me a comment below!