Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Last night, I had my traditional Valentine’s date with my best friend that included Nando’s and Fifty Shades.My friend annoyingly had already seen it the night before with her boyfriend and old me that I would have a bit to say about it!

If you’ve read the books, you’ll see that there are huge holes in the movie. The important scenes in the book are included in the film but are not integral in it. The scene at Christian’s parents house where Ana meets his family is a fairly short scene and we see very little of every character other than Ana and Christian.

My main issue with the critics’ reviews is that there is not enough sex. For me, I think there was more than enough sex in it; for god’s sake, it’s a cinema release, not a porno. The sex scenes included were done tastefully and shot beautifully, although if you don’t like boobs, you’ll see a lot of them!

My favourite part of the film is the portrayal of the characters. Dakota Johnson as Ana is the perfect casting but she plays her very different to the book. In the film, she is naive, yes, but she is also strong and sexy. The confidence she must have in her body must be incredible to be completely naked on-screen and quite frankly, I am jealous of that confidence. She is very comfortable with herself and who she is and no, she does not compromise on that. I firmly believe that Christian brings out her extrovert side that was already in there. It annoys me that people are basically saying Christian is abusing her. She fully agrees to experiment and Christian wants her to be comfortable. I think the contract is a great idea and it shows how far she is willing to go and it shows that she is strong-willed. Johnson gives her a backbone unlike in the book and I actually think the character is better on screen than she is in the books.

By far, the sexiest scene is the boardroom scene when they are going over the terms of the contract. No sex involved but it’s all about the intensity. Ana gives as good as she gets in this scene outlining her limits. For me, this is by far the best scene.

I also love how in his own way, Christian loves Ana in every single way. He falls for her when she is shy and loves her submissive and rebellious side. I actually think he is a romantic; after all, there’s a lot of firsts for him too. I love how they evolve as a couple together. Ana brings out Christian’s softer side and Christian brings out Ana’s rebellious and experimental side and this will only continue in the sequels. He wants to give her romance which she desires, he just struggles on how to show it.

In terms of a couple, they do what every couple should do- they bring out the best in each other. He wants to bring out the best in her and she does in him. The amount of trust between them is compelling and their chemistry is incredible. The fact that they can’t go a couple of days without seeing each other is what every couple dreams of.

To me, the film is a lot more than just sex scenes. It’s about a man helping a girl to realise her full potential and instill her with confidence and passion and at the end of the day, isn’t that what every girl wants?