September Goals

Long time no speak, English Everygirl readers! I took an all-important blogging break to rejuvenate, chill out and refresh and now I am back. As someone who is obsessed with being organised, this September to-do list I shall be printing out and sticking it on my wall!

1. Get organised

Once I confirm my university lectures and timetables I’ll be able to do this more accurately! This means filling in my diary properly, checking emails regularly and keeping my room neat and tidy so I can find things when I need them!

2. Blog more

Nuff said! I’m going to be dedicating any spare time I have to writing bulk posts. Then if I don’t have the time, I can just post one I’ve already written. I know many of you do this too so I’m joining the club!

3. Attend dance classes

I’ve been in touch with a local dance school and shall be going back to classes in ballet, tap and modern mid-September. I’ve not attended a formal class since I was about 15 so I’m pretty nervous! I also know how out of shape I am which leads me to point 4…

4. Exercise regularly

Even though I’ll be going twice a week to dance classes, I still intend to exercise most other days too. I may well be joining a gym but I’m not too sure yet.

5. Eat less junk food

By eat less, I mean eat less. Not cut it out completely because I’d never be able to do that! I mean instead of eating a share bag of sweets, just eating a handful and sticking to just one or two small treats a day.

What are your goals for September? Leave me a comment below!