September Goals


As I’m aware, we are almost a week into September but my month started off travelling, shopping and working so please forgive me! This month is an exciting month for me as I start my new course at the Sheffield College and I’m super excited! To get in the mindset, I’ve set myself some goals to aim for over the next couple of weeks:
1. Spend as little as possible/save as much as possible
After going to London and spending just a wee bit of money, I am basically skint. The only items I’ll be spending any money on from now on is petrol and the odd Costa hot chocolate! (not including all the expenses of my course have been paid for.)
2. Get and keep organised for college
I’ve bought pretty much everything I need for my course now and need to start my morning and evening routines (I’ll be posting them in detail in a couple of days). I need to stick to them too and make sure I keep on top of all my work!
3. Decorate my planner every Sunday
This is my new hobby/stress relief. After spending hours Youtubing and reading blogs, I have bought myself a mountain of washi tape and stickers and am now obsessed!
4. Read more classics
I’ll be spending nearly 4 hours a day on a train starting next Monday and I think this will be the ideal time to take my Kobo and read some classics. I’m currently reading Catcher in the Rye and forgot how much I love it!
5. Try to workout for 10 minutes every weekday morning before college
I’ve sifted through every single Tone It Up workout and have found myself my favourite short workouts and can’t wait to schedule some of them for every morning. I want to keep up with the weekly schedule posted on the website but I don’t know how tired I’ll be on a night!
6. Drink 3 litres of water a day
This will mean that I’ll be peeing all the time but I need to make sure I keep hydrated when I’ll be stuck indoors/on a train all day long!
What are your goals for the upcoming month? Leave me a comment below!