September Instagram Round-Up

What a manic month September has been! I’ve been to London, started a new college and joined Tone It Up’s #FitForFall challenge!

1. I started the month with a trip to London with my best friend Ellie.
2. A visit to London meant a visit to M&M World.
3. Everything I bought in London.
4. One of my new vests from London, got back on track with my fitness!
5. My first attempt at planner decorating, my new hobby!
6. Was in one of those moods.
7. See number 6.
8. My second week of planner coincided with starting college in Sheffield.
9. McFly lyrics are the best.
10. My stickers from Dook Plook Designs.
11. I’m in for the #FitForFall challenge!
12. First half of my first week at college.
13. Managed to squeeze in a workout one night after college.
14. Spelled my name out to the barista, got this.
15. Second half of my first week at college.
16. My view twice a day: the Humber Bridge!
17. Another night of fitness, snuck in this routine a few minutes before sleep!
18. Body inspiration from Selena Gomez.
19. Watching the sun rise from the train.
20. 21st-23rd September planner spread.
21. 24th-27th September planner spread.
22. Selena Gomez lyrics fitted my weird mood.
23. Inspirational quote here.
24. 28th-30th September planner spread.

I’m going to start doing goals for the next month underneath my Instagram round-up from now!

October Goals

  1. To not miss another day of college up to half term (I’ve been off all ill!)
  2. To up my water intake to at least two litres a day
  3. To try to exercise at least three times a week
  4. To blog twice a week minimum
  5. To not do anymore ‘fun’ spending!