Since when was being nice a crime?

As I take a break from revision today, I stupidly ended up on the Daily Mail website and fell upon this article. Entitled “Little Miss Perfect: A pencil thin control freak worth £130m, she is adored by young girls (and their dads!). So what’s the truth about Taylor Swift?” the article looks into Taylor Swift and basically criticises pretty much everything about her. From her childhood to her songwriting, her charity work to her weight, the article covers a whole host of areas that make her who she is. My issue is that every time the writer commends her success in one area, he then instantly tears her down in the next breath. Yes, I might be slightly biased because I’m a huge fan of hers but there is no need to be downright cruel to someone who has never harmed anyone.


  • She’s a workhorse; that’s not a bad thing. She wants to be the best that she can be but still be true to herself.
  • She wears a pink latex dress in her new Bad Blood video that was apparently from a sex shop. So what? She’s 25 years old for God’s sake and the video has an image and plot. I personally think she looks sexy and classy rather than trashy like a lot of young pop stars can be. And with that body, she should be allowed to flaunt it!
  • Speaking of her body, the article claims she only eats 500 calories a day and works out for at least an hour every day. For some reason I find this hard to believe. The girl is constantly seen dining out with friends and always has baking days with them too. 500 calories is like the same amount as one cupcake! And good for her for caring about her health and fitness. I love that she takes ballet classes as a form as exercise.
  • She is proud of her family. Fair enough the article pokes fun at her because she’s in the public eye, but having a go at her parents for giving her the resources she needed to become a star is pushing it too far. My mum and dad funded my dance childhood for costumes and competitions so how is that any different?
  • She writes songs based on her own experiences. I’m really sick and tired of everyone having a go about her songs being all about guys; every good songwriter writes about their experiences and most of them write love songs. Just look at Bruno Mars; all of his early music is about girls and nobody ridicules him.
  • She treats her fans like they’re her friends. Probably the reason that I love her the most; she really appreciates her fans. She genuinely just feels like one of us.
  • She took her music off Spotify which I think is a great move. Music artists put a lot of work into their craft so we should pay for their music. If we don’t, they won’t have enough money to produce any more music.
  • She’s actually a good girl. She doesn’t smoke or drink, she cares about people, she doesn’t care about being sexy. For this, I idolise her. I don’t drink or smoke either and I don’t see why we should be made fun of because of this. She’s a great role model for young girls.
Because of her success, I think most people are just jealous of her. I’m not saying she has the best singing voice ever because she doesn’t, but she’s real. She’s a bit of a dork, she’s a savvy businesswoman as well as a singer, contrary to popular belief, she’s a girls girl, she writes her own music unlike most pop stars out there, she’s approachable and down-to-earth. There are so many characteristics that she has that I would be proud to have so before people start tearing her down more, they should think about how it makes themselves look first.
In my eyes, I always think WWTD? (What would Taylor do?)