Taking A Break

This blog has been my baby for quite some time now and I’m so proud of how far I’ve developed it. It might not be the best blog in the world but I produce posts about the things that I like and I hope you like them too!

Unfortunately, I am taking a break from blogging for a month or so. As you may know, last September I started a course to gain my journalism qualification. This finished in March; however I failed a couple of exams which I’m not proud of. It’s not an excuse but I was seeing someone and that sort of took over my life and I let my revision take a back seat. I was a massive doughnut and will never let that happen again.

For me, my career and education has always been at the forefront of my life. I want to succeed in life and be the best that I can be. Right now, it’s my main priority. That means something has to give. My life right now is blog, work and revision. I barely have a social life because I spend all of my time blogging and revising. Either work or blogging has to give and as I need my job to live, blogging has to be pushed to the side.


I’m motivated to pass these exams as I’ve paid £100 for them and cannot afford to fail them again! I desperately want to get my qualification so I can start on the journalism career ladder. It’s something I’ve been so passionate about for years so it’s about time I kick-started it!

I may blog occasionally but there’s no way I can keep blogging 3-5 days a week and revise every day too. My exams are on the 16th November so I will be back blogging after then and I will be taking part in Blogmas once again which I am even more excited for this year. I promise it will be bigger and better than it was last year!

Thank you to all of you who have been with my blog from day one and those who may have just discovered my blog as well as everyone in between. It’s been a hard decision for me to make so I hope you all understand that this decision was not taken lightly.

I hope you will all join me back here when I’m back. Monday 21st November: