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If you know me by now, you’ll know I love a tag so when the lovely Severina from Sweet Strawberries tweeted me! I wouldn’t class myself as a beauty blogger but I have recently found a love of make-up and my favourite Twitter chat is #BBeautyChat!

Here were the questions from Severina:

What skin type do you have? I have sensitive skin; I have eczema so it’s very difficult for me to find skincare that doesn’t react with my skin!

What brand do you use for skincare and why? Right now I’m using a mixture of Superdrug own, Wilko own brand and Simple mostly. I’ve gone for years trying to find products that don’t react so when I find a product that doesn’t, I bulk buy it!

Do you exfoliate? I try to exfoliate twice a week; I use Nivea’s Daily Essentials Facial Scrub. I’ve used several before and this is the only one that works for me!

Do you use fake eyelashes, why? As an ex-dancer, I used to wear them regularly for shows and competitions. I haven’t used them since I quit which was quite a few years ago!

Benefit or Too faced? I’m going to be really rubbish and say neither as I’ve never used either of them!

What are you go to make up tools? Brushes for foundation and concealer, make-up sponges to smooth my foundation over, eyelash curler every time and cotton buds: they’re great for getting rid of excess mascara and for smudging eyeliner!

Whats your favourite mascara? No. 7’s Stay Perfect mascara. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and I love it!

All time favourite make up brand? Rimmel London. It was the first brand I ever bought and still use it now. Their foundations and pressed powder are my staples!

Here are my questions:
What are your top 3 make-up staples that you always have to wear?
What is your favourite drugstore brand?
Smoky eyes or a strong lip?
What is your skincare routine?
What is your best make-up tip?
What is your favourite facial feature?
What is your favourite lip shade to wear?
First make-up item you ever bought?

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