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I used to live in the cinema. Well, not literally, but when
I was younger, I was there on a weekly basis. In senior school and college,
especially during the holidays, I was there multiple times a week. In recent
years, the price of cinema tickets has risen and I’ve not had the time to spend
a couple of hours watching the big screen.

In fact, last week was my first cinema trip since Beauty and
the Beast came out. As most of you will know, I’m a huge musical theatre fan; I
grew up on the stage and spent an entire childhood immersed in song and dance.
My love of musicals has been constant as I’ve gotten older.
As soon as I saw that they were making The Greatest Showman,
I knew I had to see it. The original Barnum is one of my dad’s favourite films so I
watched it many times as a kid. However, when I saw that the remake was not in
fact a remake, but a re-imagining, I was even more intrigued. Zac Efron being
in it was of course a contributing factor (I’ve seen pretty much all of his
films). I was most excited to see him in a musical as I miss him playing Troy
Bolton and Link Larkin.
As a birthday treat, my mum and I headed to our local Vue in
Hull and sat down to watch the film. For the two hours or so, I was fully
immersed in the experience. I genuinely thought the film was a masterpiece. The
songs, the costumes, the props, the cinematography. I don’t think there was
anything I didn’t like! More Zac Efron on screen wouldn’t have gone amiss
though! (Can you tell I fancy him just a little?)
Other than the Zefron, I adored Zendaya. Again, I felt she
should’ve had a bigger part to play in the story and I wish they could’ve
explored her relationship with Zefron a little more. Their duet, Rewrite the
Stars, was beautifully shot. I had flashbacks to Zefron climbing up trees in
High School Musical to see Gabriella though! It did make me miss the Troy and
Gab duets! I also wanted those two to have more dance sequences as we
all know the pair of them can move!
Don’t mind the spelling mistake!

I actually thought that Michelle Williams was the weakest link.
She doesn’t have the strongest singing voice compared to Hugh Jackman. She’s a
wonderful actress (watch My Week With Marilyn, it showcases this even more) but
her singing is slightly behind.

Hugh Jackman was amazing as always. I’ve never understood why
people forget that he is a musical theatre veteran; he’s been on Broadway and
the West End, has multiple Tony and Olivier nominations and he was incredible
in Les Mis! His dancing was a little cringe but I really appreciated the effort
he put in to play PT Barnum. He’s not an easy character to portray so I was
happy with the journey he took his character on.
I want to give a special mention to the children in the
film. Both young Barnum and Charity as well as their children later on stole
the show for me. All 4 were delightful and mega-talented; I’m sure we’ll be
seeing plenty more of them in the coming years!
I will admit, when I first listened to the soundtrack at
home, I wasn’t overly impressed with the songs. I thought they sounded a little
modern for a musical. However, when watching the movie and seeing how they
integrated into the storyline, I was wrong initially. I actually enjoyed that
the music was quite contemporary, yet the film was quite traditional. Since I
saw the film, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on a daily basis!


I can see The Greatest Showman becoming a firm favourite
musical of mine. It won’t be replacing West Side Story or the old classics with
me but it’s certainly one of the best modern musicals I’ve seen, apart from Hairspray,
Chicago and HSM obvs! If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do very soon!
Seriously, it’s a cinematic masterpiece in my eyes!
Have you seen The Greatest Showman yet? Let me know what you thought in a comment below!