The Truth About You Tag

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with these tag-type posts. I just loving being a nosey Noris and finding out the blogger behind the blog!

Today’s tag is one that I’ve seen on various blogs (I can’t remember where I saw it first so I apologise if it was off your blog!) so here’s my version of it:

About You:

1. How would you best describe yourself in three words?
Hard-working, determined, smart. I realise that these three words go hand-in-hand but they summarise me right now and where I’m at in my life.

2. What would you say is one of your biggest achievements so far?
Graduating university, all whilst balancing a part-time job, a role in a uni society, family, friends, a relationship and a blog. It was a crazy three years, not always enjoyable but I’m proud that I got through it in one piece!

3. What are some of your main hobbies?
Dancing, blogging, watching sport.

4. What would you say is one of your favourite qualities about yourself?
I love that I don’t give up, I’m a fighter. Life will always throw setbacks in your way, it’s about learning to deal with them and be able to adapt to different situations.


1. What/who inspired you to start blogging?
I’ve known from a young age that I’ve wanted to be a journalist (from the age of 11 in fact) and I wanted to look into ways that I could get myself out there. As I spend all of the my spare time either working or revising throughout college/university, I knew I couldn’t really afford to spend weeks doing work experience for free. I looked into ways of getting experience that I could do on a night-time basis when I was free

2.  What do you find to be the hardest part of blogging?
Balancing everything is the hardest thing for me. I’ve always got tonnes of ideas but now I’m working a lot of overtime, it’s hard to find time to write posts, schedule posts and take photos with god natural light. Even taking part in Twitter chats has been a struggle for me lately. Like when you’ve been at work all day, the only thing I want to do when I come home is sleep!

3. Who are some of your favourite bloggers?
I have a huge list of bloggers who are my favourites and have been for a while but here are a sample of my faves:

4. What is your main blogging goal for the rest of the year? 
To be more consistent. I want to post every weekday whilst I can but that means using my spare time more. I want to keep increasing my numbers, improve my photography and attend a blogger event. However, for me, writing quality posts trumps all of that.


1. If you could only own one specific type of makeup product what would it be and why? 
Argh what kind of a question is that? Probably foundation; my skin needs more coverage than anything else and you can use dried foundation as concealer too!

2. If you had your own beauty brand what would you name it and what would you sell?
I have no idea what I would call it but I’d make it specifically designed for people with sensitive skin and eczema. I’ve struggled for years to find make-up that doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s about time there was a line for us!

3. What’s your go to, everyday makeup look at the moment? 
Primer, foundation, concealer, powder is my typical face routine. Then I will either have a smoky eye or a strong lip so I’ll either have eyeshadow, eyeliner, tonnes of mascara and lipbalm or or a couple of coats of mascara, lipbalm and lipstick.

4.  Are you more of a high-street or high-end kinda gal?
High street definitely. I feel like I’m not obsessed enough with make-up to warrant paying a lot for it and I daren’t purchase an expensive product and then find out I don’t like it/can’t use it!


1. If you created an animal, what features would it have? 
It would be fast, confident and caring. I have no idea what it would look like though!

2. If you could possess one talent, what talent would it be? 
I’d love to be able to sing better! I can dance pretty well but if I could sing, I could be on the West End or something!

3. Imagine you’re hosting a special event – what 3 celebrities would you invite and why?
President Obama, Misty Copeland and Kirtsy Gallacher.
President Obama: Who wouldn’t want t meet the President? As well as being a phenomenal leader and politician, he just seems like a lovely man and I think I would be inspired and in awe of meeting him.
Misty Copeland: If you don’t know, she is an amazing ballerina who has broken a lot of barriers to become a principal at the American Ballet Theatre. This woman has more talent in her little finger than I have in my entire body but I would love to hear all of her dance stories!
Kirsty Gallacher: Long story short, I aspire to be like Kirsty. I want to be an anchor presenter on Sky Sports News and would love some career advice from her.

4. If money was no option when it comes to the lifestyle you want to lead, but if you could only
live in one OTHER country for the rest of your life, where would you live and why? 
I’d live in the US of course. I have dreams of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and want to try out in a couple of years so I want to live in Texas! Then I’d travel to New York and work in fashion journalism or PR rather than in sports!