I have to admit, I’m a nail polish hoarder. I have so many different shades but had to cull over half of my collection when I went cruelty-free (Essie, here’s looking at you!). Because I’ve been researching those brands that are CF, I was thrilled to find that M&S’ Autograph range was.

Having never tried Autograph make-up, I went on the hunt before work one day (I work two shops away from one!) and just managed to catch the end of their Christmas sale. Granted, the shelves were pretty bare but I did manage to find this absolute beauty. It retails at £60 and I managed to bag it for a bargainous £18! I mean, you can’t get much better than that, right?


I’ve never been fussy with colour as I’ll pretty much wear any colour on my nails but this box really does cover it all! We’ve got nudes, glitters, darks, brights, it really is a perfect combination of colours. In total, I got 24 shades, that’s 75p per shade! You can’t even get discounted brands that cheap in Poundland!

Shades row 1 (L-R): Soft Lilac, Sparkle, Nightfall, Aubergine, Deep Purple, Mink.
Shades row 2 (L-R): Stone, Cashmere, Melba Blush, Glacier, Velour, Royal Blue.


Shades row 1 (L-R): Teal, Marsala, Tomato, Satin, Chilli, Baby Pink.
Shades row 2 (L-R): Cyclamen, Sorbet, Amaranth, Gold, Mauve Mix, Champagne.

It genuinely is very difficult to find decent nail polish that is cruelty-free and doesn’t break the bank and Autograph really does meet all the criteria that I’m after. This box would be a great gift for someone who likes to experiment with colour too! I’m hoping they do another box next year!

Now I’ve not tried every shade yet but so far I’ve been impressed. Marsala is a particular fave which is a gorgeous mid-pink colour and Royal Blue is such a perfect, bold shade. I’ve yet to try a lighter shade as we all know, they are the real test when it comes to pigmentation!

I’m thrilled with such a bargain in all honesty. I’ve always been given the impression that Autograph is a reputable brand with good quality products and this has definitely made me want to try more products from their range!

Have you ever tried any Autograph products? What would you recommend?