Things I Love Part 2

People seemed to enjoy last week’s Things I Love post so here is another installment!

26. Love
27. My perseverance
28. That when one door closes, another one really does open.
29. Binge watching TV shows
30. Having an alphabetical CD/book/DVD shelf
31. The Beatles
32. Taylor Swift
33. Learning new things
34. Pizza
35. Most sports
36. Rugby league, in particular though!
37. When you couldn’t be bothered to shower but when you’re in there, you don’t want to get out
38. Being warm
39. Doing laundry (I know I’m weird!)
40. Hair accessories with bows on them: bobbles, headbands etc.
41. Actually, anything you wear that has a bow on it!
42. Stripey clothing
43. Leather jackets
44. Gathering Pinterest ideas for my new bedroom
45. Wifi
46. Finding a bargain
47. New clothes
48. Fitness magazines
49. Trying new restaurants
50. Scouring the web for outfit inspiration