This Week #4

I want to apologise for not posting since Wednesday! I have had so much uni work to do. Big news this week: I have 2 main roles in our Performing Arts showcase. Twice a year, we put on a show ad perform various songs from different musicals. This year, I will be one of the six leads in Cell Block Tango from Chicago. I’m so proud of myself for getting this role as it involved both a singing and a dance audition. Not being big-headed but I smashed my dance audition. I tried so hard in it to prove myself for a part and my hard work paid off! Here’s the video from the film (I’ll be singing the part of the 2nd soloist!):

Next week, I should be back to normal with work and revision. Nevertheless, here’s a recap of the posts I did put up this week!

I’m really happy with how my posts have been received this week too!