Time Management Tips

One of my goals this month is to keep organised and in order to stay organised, managing your time is vital to being an organised person. People are always saying about how organised I am but I really don’t feel that I am. I still leave everything until the last minute, I still cram for tests and leave my work until deadline day, I stay up late trying to finish tasks. I always start the semester or term wih a plan and rarely seem to be able to stick to it! But nevertheless, I’m more organised than most people I know so here’s my top tips on how to make the most of your time:

1. Invest in a good planner

This is always my starting point. When searching for a decent planner, you need to make sure there’s plenty of space to write down all of your plans and tasks, whether you prefer a day-to-view or a week-to-view (I used to use a day-to-view one but it was too bulky to carry around). Recently I bought a beautiful new Kate Spade planner; it costs me a fair bit of money but I think that I’ll use it more to get my monies’ worth! Once I’m back at college, I’ll be writing a post about how I organise my planner but the way to get the most use from it is to write everything down! I write work shifts, blog post ideas, birthdays, social events, rugby games and workouts. If it’s not written down, I’ll forget to do it, end of!

2. Write to-do lists

I write a to-do lists most days; I also write a weekly one, a monthly one and a yearly one. (yes I’m a list geek!) There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a task on your list once it’s completed! The beauty of to-do lists is that you can always move items that need doing less urgent or add tasks to the list if they need doing sooner. When you’re writing your lists, make sure you include when each task needs to be done by so you can prioritise one that needs doing in a week rather than the one that has a month to be completed.

3. Set aside some ‘me time’

I know it sounds weird, but I always find that I use my time better if I’ve scheduled in some time for myself. Whether you want to schedule in blogging, watching TV or a pamper night, try to squeeze it in once a week so you can just relax for an hour or a few! Personally, I like to use my Sunday nights to get a long hot shower, paint my nails, organise my planner/outfits and get an early night!

4. Wake up earlier

This is something I haven’t done in the past week but usually I find that getting up early allows me to make the most of my day. If I wake up at half 7, I can fit in a workout, have breakfast, watch an episode of a TV show and blog before it’s even dinnertime. When I start college, I’ll be up at 5am so I’m really hoping to squeeze in a 10 minute workout before I have to get the train to college!

5. Prepare the night before

As I’ve just said, getting up at 5am is going to require me to get everything ready the night before: outfit, bag, toiletries. I know I won’t be awake in a morning so having all of this ready so I can literally just wake up, get changed, wash my face, brush my teeth, grab my bag and get out of the door.