Tone It Up Spring Warm Up: Week 3

I was very disappointed with myself this week. I had all my workouts planned after being ill for most of the previous week and how many times did I work out? Once. I have just been so demotivated for some reason and have just decided to pig out on food and watch box sets most of the week. I have had a few little jobs to do and an extra shift at work but when I’ve been at home, I’ve been so lazy!

Wednesday was the one and only workout day for me. After a bit of a lie in, I decided to do 2 rounds of Toned Arms as well as a few The Fitness Marshall dance tutorials! As you can see from the selfie above, I was a sweaty mess after the end of that!

I’m glad to put last week behind me now and start a complete fresh this week plus I need to start burning more calories to eat all of the Easter eggs! I’ve already had two workout sessions today and we’re not even at tea time yet! I am so ready to smash Week 4!