Tone It Up: UK Style!

The latest TIU Challenge!

Female fitness is taking the world by storm with women wanting to exercise more than ever. Whilst some women slog it out at the gym, others prefer to workout at home. Following a programme can be one of the easiest ways to do this. Tone It Up is an online workout and nutritional plan created by the amazing Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson; the women are best friends and set up the website to share all of their knowledge when it comes to food, fitness and fashion. Most fitness programmes are rigid and demotivating; Karena and Katrina bring the fun factor to exercise and engage with their fans on social media constantly.

With the women being based in the USA, I wanted to get the views of some UK fans. Although K&K appreciate our following, there is a very small community over here than there is in the States. I asked three girls about their experiences with Tone It Up and added in my own experiences too!

How did you find out about Tone It Up (TIU)?
Toni (Instagram: @fiddlestickstoni), 26, Berkshire: I found it through another blog, Wholeheartedly Healthy I think!
Kirsty (Instagram: @klt_fitfun) 32, Wrexham: I discovered TIU via my twin sister Lindsey (@latbeautyaddict). She had started doing the TIU workouts and Kayla Itsines, so encouraged me to start too.

Haidee (Instagram: @haideetiu), 23, Liverpool: I was on my uni year abroad in France and had a lot more spare time than I was used to. I started googling fitness/nutrition programmes and was hooked on Tone It Up as soon as I found it! I remember thinking the recipes actually looked like food I wanted to eat and not diet food!
Me: I was looking for a plan online about two years ago and literally stumbled across the TIU website!

What makes TIU different to other programmes?
Toni: The membership one-time fee is good, there are lots of different products to buy and they don’t discourage you from using other companies. The different challenges and series are interesting and keep it varied. The way it is filmed is professional compared to others I do that are just like a home video.
Kirsty: TIU is interesting with their new and different challenge they launch; every week they change it up to keep you motivated.  They have made their programmes accessible to all; if you can’t afford to subscribe to their full subscription, you can follow along with their free routines and recipes. Karena and Katrina come across as lovely trainers who care and are interested in every member which is great!
Haidee: Tone It Up doesn’t focus on negativity: losing weight, being skinnier, competing against other women. It focuses on women building each other up. The TIU community is amazing and you’re constantly surrounded by motivation and positivity to keep you going. I also love the focus on other aspects of your life as well as fitness.
Me: If you just follow the basic programme, you get a lot of great content for free! I’ve bought only the extra workouts but they are not a necessity. The girls send you an email daily with great tips and recipes. For me, I love the community feel. All of the girls who follow TIU (wherever they are from) are so encouraging and we all boost each other up as often as we can!

What are your top three health/fitness tips?
Toni: Plan and prep food/workouts, find a partner/group to keep motivated and keep trying different routines to stop getting bored!
Kirsty: It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, keep trying and you will get there and don’t overdo it (rest days are important!)
Haidee: Get your morning booty call in, make breakfast the night before and don’t let one bad day, one bad meal or one skipped workout ruin the rest of the day/week (accept it, enjoy it, don’t feel guilty and move on!)
Me: Plan your workouts and meals every Sunday night, lay out your workout clothes every night ready for the following morning and if you fall off track and miss a workout, just catch up when you can!

Whether you pay to follow the nutrition plan or just follow the free online workout schedule, Karena and Katrina’s brand is growing and these women are unstoppable!