Top 5 Car Essentials

I’ve been driving just over a year now and have had my own car for nearly a year. For quite a while, I had nothing in my car other than my glasses and a couple of cloths. Then I put together my own car kit of all those essentials that you often need but don’t want to carry them around in your bag everyday.

Small purse of coins– I don’t know about you but I pay for almost everything on debit card apart from car parking! It costs me £2.40 a day to park in the city centre so my small purse is full of £1 coins and 20ps. Every time I’m out and about and break into a note, if I have any £1s and 20ps, I make sure I transfer them when I get home.

Umbrella– In the trusty British weather, especially in summer, we can never rely on the sun. One minute, it’s roasting and the next, it’s pouring down. I keep a £1 from Poundland in the boot of my car so just in case I leave it somewhere, it doesn’t really matter! It’s plain and black but it does the job of keeping me dry!
Foldaway shopper bag– Being a blogger and a girl, I love shopping but I get frustrated when I have a few carrier bags to carry. If I know I’ll be buying a few items, I’ll transfer the shopper bag from my car to my handbag so I just have one large bag to carry rather than several.
A change of shoes– Not all of the time, but often I keep a pair of Keds in the boot because they are so comfy! I have to work in pumps and sometimes my feet kill afterwards that I change them for my Keds before I set off home!
Toiletry bag– I’m not one of those girls who carries around a huge toiletry bag in my handbag because it just weighs you down and you don’t even end up using half of the things in it! In my car, I keep a small bottle of perfume, deodorant and spray, a hairbrush and comb, ibuprofen tablets, tissues, Vaseline and antibacterial handwash. (You know the ones that don’t require soap?)
(All images from Google images)