UK Etsy Spotlight: AllThingsPaperUK

Next up in the series is AllThingsPaperUK. I made my order after seeing on Instagram that Sarah had a huge 50% off. Even though I don’t mind paying full price for stickers, currently I’m skint so offers are my best friend!

I’ve found with a lot of the kits I buy, I don’t use all the stickers. 6 sheets for me seems a bit extreme because I like some white space. I decided to buy a smaller kit so then I have space to add in my own stickers if I need to. Lately I’ve been loving mermaids and I fell in love with this colour scheme immediately. I love the mix of blue, purple and pink; it gives a nice, girly touch to my planner which I often don’t do!

Pamper time is something I need to start scheduling in for myself again. I used to leave Sunday nights free for myself to treat myself to a face mask and paint my nails. It really helped me get ready for the week ahead so I want to re-introduce that into my life! I love that there is a mixture of sizes with these stickers and I think you get a lot for £1.75.

Sample stickers are often my favourite parts of an order. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to get a sheet with every order but sometimes it can be a nice change to see what else the store has to offer. If I find I use them, I’ll then go and order a full size sheet from their Etsy shop!
You can find Sarah’s store on Etsy here and while you’re at it, give her a follow on Instagram here.