This week’s UK Etsy Spotlight focuses on Dream Big and Plan, ran by the lovely Alina. I discovered this shop when I first started planning over a year ago and it was my go-to place for functional stickers. Need to change your bed sheets? I’ve got a sticker for that. TV show to watch? Got a sticker for that.

I literally have a sticker for every task and job I do! A lot of them are from Alina’s store because they are just so fab! As you all know, I can’t just buy one sheet because 1) I have an addiction and 2) I hate paying for shipping so I have to buy several things.




The first sheets were two checklist sheets as I use these daily in my two main planners. I like to write to-do lists every day so a checklist is usually one of the first stickers I place on my weekly spread. I also bought this super cute ‘clean brushes’ sheet as if I have a sticker for a chore, then I’m more likely to do it!


Alina has recently started doing clear stickers which I’ve never bought before. I thought seeing as I had a 30% off Black Friday code, I’d try a couple of sheets. I opted for TVs, Instagram and shopping stickers: my three main hobbies.


By the time I received this order, I was already deep into Christmas planning so I haven’t had chance ti use it yet. I love how traditional it is so I can’t wait to use it in 2017!

You can check out Alina’s Etsy store here and check DreamBigAndPlan out on Instagram here.