UK Etsy Spotlight: Fantasy Designs Store

My regular series featuring some of my favourite Etsy sticker shops is back! This series could probably run forever as I’m a sticker addict and am always coming across new stores opening!

This week, I am featuring Fantasy Designs Store. Janine’s store is one that I’m familiar with and have been for a while. I’m pretty sure I’ve ordered from her store but it was before I started this series. I bought these stickers over two months ago but finally I am sharing them with you all!

I was so amazed by the quality of these stickers. Each one was cut properly which is something that doesn’t happen very often because of the machines used.

As soon as I saw a photo of these on Janine’s Instagram, I knew I had to buy them. I think the show had launched but the series hadn’t started fully so I’ve been using them every week since!

I’m not entirely sure why I bought these but they sure look busy. I don’t know whereabouts in my planner I will use them but I intend to somewhere!

I live for freebie sheets! I’m always pleasantly surprised with a freebie sheet as they vary from shop to shop. I love that this sheet can be used with one spread and I have just the kit to use it with too!

You can follow Janine on Instagram here and check out her shop on Etsy here. Use the code 10OFF for 10% off your order.