UK Etsy Spotlight: Half of Everything

Another new weekly series for you all. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am a planner addict. I bought a Happy Planner (see it on Amazon here) in September and have used it daily since. I’m obsessed with being organised and this is my number one way of being able to do that.

However, blank white pages look a bit dull so I add washi tape and lots of stickers to make it colourful. I tend to stick with a theme too. The first place I go to for stickers is Etsy. I mostly buy from independent UK-based shops (probably because I hate paying obscene amounts for postage) and I thought I’d introduce you all to some of my favourites.

This week is a shop I’ve recently discovered through Instagram because it was only set up a couple of weeks ago by the lovely Christine Moorhouse. As a new shop, there are not pages and pages of products to choose from but there is still plenty of choice.

Because I’d had a bit of a general haul on Etsy, I didn’t get to spend as much as I wanted to in the shop but I came away with these:


I love these ‘Little Things’ boxes as they are great to layer up at the bottom of the day when I have smaller tasks to undertake. I bought them in baby pink and a beigey colour because I have some weekly kits in these colours and they would match perfectly!

Another obsession of mine is PLL. I’ve been trying to find stickers specifically for the TV show but I only found a couple of American stores printing them. Then I came across these ones and was over the moon!

Because it is Valentine’s Week, Christine has reduced the prices of her items with a full kit only costing £5 and these three all only costing £1 each! Great for everyone, annoying for me because I paid full price. But for these, I do not mind! The quality is fantastic and the boxes have all been cut perfectly.

If you want to check out the shop, check out Etsy or Instagram and use the code ‘InstaPal’ for 15% off when you spend £15 or more!