This week’s Etsy shop focus is Happy Cutie Studio. I found this shop on Instagram fairly recently and fell in love with the cute activity stickers!
As soon as I saw that the shop was having an added discount code for Black Friday, I knew I couldn’t resist placing an order. Now I’ve bulk bought weekly kits, I needed to add in some activity stickers. There is so much choice on this shop for every activity you could ever think of and they’re all only £2.00 each!


Here’s a sneak peak at my order:


First up I purchased cheerleader, shopping day and pamper time stickers. Recently, I’ve joined a rugby league dance team and these cheerleading stickers will be perfect to use for practice rehearsals as well as game days. Shopping stickers will always come in handy to me although this year, I want to spend less and save more!

I want to have a pamper night every Sunday night so these will be used very frequently. I love having a night in for myself and I’d love to have a no-tech zone on an evening.


You may know that the only hot drink that I actually like is hot chocolate and when I say like, I mean addicted to. I basically drink it on tap during the colder months!

I’m also rubbish at chores at home and need a sticker to remind me to do basic tasks such as laundry, hoovering and changing bed sheets. These tasks almost seem bearable when you have a pretty sticker to show for them!


I also received not one but two freebie sheets which is so amazing! However, I haven’t even used the New Year ones so I’ll be saving those for next year!

You can check out Happy Cutie Studio on Etsy here and follow her on Instagram here.