UK Etsy Spotlight: HarrietWrightDesigns

Featured on this week’s UK Etsy Spotlight is a recent discovery: HarrietWrightDesigns. I remember seeing another girl post about her stickers on Instagram and I thought about how girly and elegant they looked and I was not disappointed with my order.

As soon as I saw the kits, I knew I had to get my hands on one but then I thought I would get a couple of additional functional stickers too. I used a 50% code so my order would normally have been £15.

£15 seems like a lot for one kit and a couple of other sheets. Compared to some other shops, it is. However, I must stress that these sheets are bigger than most other kits so whereas on many, you would get 5-6 sheets, 3 sheets from Harriet is about the equivalent size. So in theory, you’d be paying the same price anyway!

I also loved the quality of this paper so again, paying a little extra for quality is always a good thing in my eyes!

This kit is of course called Chic Happens and I instantly fell in love with the colour scheme. Pale pink, grey and metallics blend so perfectly together. So much so that I used this kit in my planner as soon as I got it!



I made sure to add a couple of sheets extra to my order and managed to find some gorgeous make-up brush ones as well as the ‘used every Sunday’ stickers: pamper day.

As well as the free sample sheet, I also appreciate the designs of the sheets themselves. A lot of care has gone into the presentation with the pink border and the logo on every sheet.

You can find HarrietWrightDesigns on Etsy and Instagram.