UK Etsy Spotlight: It’sOnlyMeCaraLee

This week in the Etsy spotlight is It’sOnlyMeCaraLee. I’ve ordered 3 times before from Caralee and I’ve been impressed every single time, hence why I keep going back for more! I love that I can order a mixture of kits and extras from the shop which are the two things I buy the most for my planner.

How cute is Caralee’s business card? I love stripes but especially black and white stripes!

Pastel colours are used constantly by me and I am loving the colours of these checklists and heart boxes.

Who doesn’t like flamingos? Flamingo kits always come in a gorgeous mint and pink combination and this kit is no exception.

My favourite thing about this kit is by far the headers! I love the text over the flamingo designs but I’m not sure I’ll be cleaning every day so I won’t use all of these stickers in one week!

Don’t get me wrong, I love kits with tonnes of stickers but I don’t seem to use them all. Having a kit with 4 sheets means that I will use the majority of stickers here. And can we say how amazing this weekend sticker is?!

Now normally I hate flowers but these roses along with the baby blue stripes are like a match made in heaven!

I love this kit so much that I’ve already used it! My only problem was I could’ve done with the washi strips being a little thicker in width as they just about cover the saying at the bottom.

Rose-backed headers are just the one! And let’s face it, I am constantly forgetting things and who doesn’t love a pretty sticker to remind them of things?!

If you love the look of Caralee’s stickers, you can find her Etsy shop here or follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

I will be taking a break from this series for a week or so as I am very, very skint and can’t afford to be buying anymore stickers! Next week, I’ll have photos of the new planner I bought a few weeks ago!