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So I missed out day 6 because life got in the way so here is day 7!

 This week’s UK Etsy Spotlight features a brand new shop: La Petite Stickerie. The lovely owner got in touch with me in Instagram to see if I could give her some feedback on her new sticker shop. Obviously, I said yes because I love to help out smaller shops to get their sales up!

It’s a fairly new shop so there will be new kits added gradually! I was amazed at all of the goodies she sent me so here’s a closer look:


I actually know the owner from a fitness community we’re both a part of. To celebrate that, she sent me a range of fitness stickers so I can keep on track.


I’ve only started getting back into fitness a couple of weeks ago so these have given me a bit of a boost to give my workouts a proper push. I first loved all of the colours of them as they will go with any kit. I also loved that they were tiny.


Previously, I’ve bought fitness stickers from other shops and they’ve been a bit too big for my planner. I mean I love going to the gym but I write a whole host of other things in my planner too!


How cute are all of the little faces on them too? I love that it makes each sticker look like it has a character! I love kettlebell training so these are just perfect for me.


I’d seen this kit first on Instagram but I didn’t think I’d receive it in my goody bag! I loved this because it’s not typically Christmas-y. It’s more traditional and there’s no green or red in sight! Compared to other shops, there are more stickers so I think you could use this as a monthly kit as well as a weekly kit too.


Navy and gold is such a great colour combination for those not fussed by the traditional green/red weekly kits. I’m not a huge fan of colour so navy is about as colourful as I get!





Alternative Halloween stickers are perfect for someone like me who isn’t really big on Halloween! I love these bright, almost neon colours and the super cute characters!



The ghost is definitely my favourite drawing on here! I love how this kit looks very inspired from Pop Art!


At the end of the month, I will write a post sharing all of my planner spreads for the month of December as it seems lots of you want to see how I use all of these stickers!

You can find La Petite Stickerie on Etsy here and Instagram here.