UK Etsy Spotlight: StickelCo

This week’s Etsy Spotlight features one of my all-time favourite stores: StickelCo. In the past six months, I’ve made five orders with Kelly because I love the shop so much! For me, it’s the colours that I love. All the pastel colours go with a range of kits that I already have!



These dots I use all the time. I use them in the sidebar of my planner as well as on a daily basis for a range of things!

Instagram stickers? Who doesn’t want those? These will be perfect for reminding myself to post photos of my half week spread in my planner!

I genuinely love Kelly’s shop; it’s definitely in my top 3. She produces new stock all the time but still produces the old stock because it is fab!

Make sure to check out Kelly’s shop here and follow her on Instagram here.