Warehouse Wishlist

Quality clothing is hard to find. Shopping for clothes and them only lasting for a couple of months is an absolute pain. Why is it always your favourite items too? I’ve decided to stop buying clothing from Primark and only buy quality pieces. This doesn’t mean I’m going high end, it just means that I am only buying clothing that fits well and is easy to take care of.

One shop I go to when I want high quality pieces is Warehouse. Every item I’ve ever bought from there has been made from thick cotton and has lasted me ages! I like how their shops are smaller than the bigger high street brands so you can see all the items that they have available! Plus the staff are always super helpful in there!

After browsing on the site, I found so many staples on the site which is a good and a bad thing! Here’s a look at the fab pieces I found!

warehouse blacks


warehouse greys


warehouse whites and stripes


warehouse a splash of colour


Have you found any good buys from Warehouse lately? Let me know with a comment below!