Autumn is a great season. I am not made for warmer months. Summer is a struggle for me and I hate summer attire. I’m someone who is allllllways cold so getting to wear all the layers is a big bonus for me.

This lead me to thinking about what I actually like about autumn which is a great deal. All that thinking seemed like a great brain dump and therefore a blog post so enjoy!


1. The fashion

I live for autumn clothing and changing my wardrobe over from the summer stuff. I am made for boots, jumpers and scarves. I like being warm.


2. The smells

I don’t do candles but there’s just something about the autumn air that I love. Living in the countryside is even better.


3. Any excuse to live in my PJs

As soon as I get home from work, I change into my pyjamas. It saves on washing too which is always a bonus!


4. Switching up my bedroom

I always have a clearout during spring and autumn but I love even more changing up my accessories. I usually go for blue as my theme along with my year-round white and grey but this year, I might go burgundy and gold/copper.


5. Getting in the Christmas mood

Having worked in retail since 16, this is the first year I will ever get an entire week off over Christmas. I plan to do nothing but relax and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate.


6. Staying in

I’m a hermit anyway but now it’s acceptable to stay indoors constantly. PJs on and a night on the sofa. Perfect.


7. Changing up my beauty routine

Autumn calls for slightly heavier make-up: smokey eyes, deep lips, glitter/shimmer. I add in more pink and bronze a whole lot more!


8. Baking/cooking new recipes

I wish I had more time to cook/bake but when it gets colder, it’s one of my favourite hobbies. I usually spend Christmas Eve baking with my dad which I love!


9. The TV

Autumn TV is awesome: Strictly. Dramas. Grey’s Anatomy. The Flash. I end up recording most of it and watching it in bulk at a weekend!


10. Deep cleaning

I know Mrs Hinch is all the rage and I love her but I’ve been autumn cleaning since as long as I can remember. Spring cleaning is more common for sure but it’s great to have a huge cleaning session before the winter starts!




11. Planning the rest of the year

Filling in your diary for all of your winter fills me full of joy. Even though I love being at home, it means I can schedule in some social activities around my rest!


12. Revisiting goals

It’s a great time of year to reflect back on what you’ve achieved over the year whilst you still have a little time left to achieve those you haven’t quite reached yet!


13. New PJs

Every year, I purchase myself a couple of new pairs. Since I live in them, I go through PJs more than anything.


14. Burying your head in a book

There’s something about reading in bed on a cold night, especially putting your technology away for the evening.


15. Harry Potter marathons

If it’s good enough for ITV, it’s good enough for me. I’m already onto the Half-Blood Prince and between now and Christmas, I’ll probably rewatch them again.


16. Wearing lots of black

This isn’t exactly exclusive to autumn but it means that I can have an excuse now. Black is not a colour, it’s a lifestyle.


17. Christmas chocolate

As much as I love Christmas, the best thing about it is all of the food. And you’re never too old for an advent calendar.


18. Eating all the foods

See above. Christmas is the best time to pig out and you don’t have to make any excuses. It’s a time for celebrating and by celebrating, I mean stuffing your face.


19. Taking long walks

Moving to the countryside was the best thing my family ever did. There’s just something about layering up, sticking your boots on and going for a scenic walk with your family.


20. Being allowed to put the heating on

My dad is such a cheap skate which means no heating on for as long as humanely possible. Living in your dressing gown is great fun but sometimes you need a little extra warmth!


Are you a fan of autumn? What’s your favourite thing about this season? 
Leave me a comment below!