What I’m Loving This Week #1

I’m starting a new weekly feature on my blog featuring the things I’ve been loving over the past week. This could be absolutely everything so be prepared for a random mixture!

1. The Vampire Diaries

I’ve been a fan since the beginning but found myself not watching the series on TV from mid season 2. I can just never be bothered to wait for the next episode on TV so I just buy the box sets instead. I’m just coming to the end of Season 4 and am once again hooked! I must say I prefer Elena as a human rather than a vampire but still she’s fab. I am more of a Stefan girl though; he’s sweet and sensitive as well as handsome, all of which I love in a man!
2. Maryland Cookies
I love chocolate. Thanks to my dad for buying 3 packets of them!
3. Homeware
My parents and I are planning on moving house soon so I’ve been obsessively looking at how to design my next bedroom. Currently mine is a bright shade of pink but I’m thinking I’ll have something a bit more grown-up and elegant when we move. I’m thinking neutrals or grey and monochrome. However I love this gorgeous duvet!
4. Stripes
I seem to wear stripes all the time. I’ve got an array of stripey tops and jumpers currently hanging in my wardrobe. I tend to wear one with a pair of jeans and flats. They’re so easy to dress up and down aswell. My fashion go-to item of the moment.