What I’m Loving This Week #3

I’ve been mixing uni work with Tom having a week off work so it’s been an array of things that have kept me occupied this week!

1. Dexter

We have just finished season six and once again it ended on a cliffhanger! Only two more seasons left and we’ll have to find another TV show to obsess over!

2. Dresses

These are the four dresses I’ve bought this week! The first one is from my local Gap outlet that I mentioned in my post yesterday. This is going to be my Christmas dress for this year! The second one is from Forever 21 and I’m still unsure whether to send it back or not! The last two are both from Dorothy Perkins. I bought the blue one in store after trying them both on and then went home and bought the pinky coloured one online!

3. Agenda Organisation

I’ve been so obsessed with to-do lists and getting organised this week. I’ve had so much to do so having every little task written down is the only way for me to stay sane! Would you guys like a follow-up post on this?

4. Sloths

I think I may have been a sloth in a previous life. That is all.