What I’m Loving This Week #4

If you saw my post earlier which was meant for yesterday, you’ll see I’ve had a crazy busy week!

1. Dance

Thanks to the Performing Arts society, I’ve fallen in love with dance again. I quit going to formal classes at about 14 so I could focus on my school work and because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Now it’s actually a stress reliever as for a few hours a week, I get to forget about all of my assignments and work and just focus on something I know I am good at.

2. My eBay Chelsea boots

Image from eBay

I’ve been after some tan Chelsea boots for quite a while and haven’t been able to find any! After seeing this post on Beth’s blog, I bought the pair featured! I’ve only just started wearing them this week and will admit, they’re not the comfiest pair of shoes ever but if you wear them with thick socks, you can’t tell as much!

3.  Sleep

I’ve been going to bed at about half 10 every night because I’ve been getting up before 8am every morning during the week. On Saturday night at Tom’s I even managed to fall asleep at about half 9!

4. Taylor Swift’s 1989 album

Since it arrived through my letterbox, I’ve had it on non-stop. I wasn’t a huge fan of it at first but it’s definitely a grower. I still prefer the slower songs as I think there’s more attention to lyrics there. I’d give it an 8/10.