What I’m Watching

I’ve seen a few blogs do these sort of posts and I love seeing what others are watching and discovering new faves!

Total Divas

My boyfriend and I have been keeping up-to-date with the Americans viewing it by watching on Youtube. We’re obsessed.

Glee Season 5

I’m watching this on DVD at the minute and spent a day off last week watching quite a few episodes! I’m in love with Rachel Berry and especially her style!


Season 2 has been on for a couple of weeks now and I am gripped. The only problem is that it’s on the same time as Silent Witness and I love both!

Dance Moms

This show reminds me of my childhood which is always a good thing! Abby is a bitch but she really brings out the best in the kids. I’d have quit if she was my teacher though!

Mr Selfridge

Mr Selfridge is back! I really wish I lived during the early 1900s as I love the era completely. I can’t wait for the rest of season 3 to continue!