What I’m Watching Right Now

Life is kind of hectic right now; the course that I’m doing requires a lot of effort and my weekends are spent at work. My free time is very limited and most of it is spent practising shorthand or revising law (my exam for law is less than a month away!). However, now I’m staying in a hotel three nights a week, I’ve found it frees up a little bit more time on a weekend. Also, I like to have something on in the background when I’m revising. When I’m at home, I’d normally put on some music or the radio but in a hotel, I can’t blast out my favourite tunes so I opt for my new best friend: Netflix. For definite, I am getting my monies worth from Netflix right now. I’ve found though that I gravitate towards the same few shows. On a Friday (the only day I have off in the week), I catch up with all the stuff I’ve recorded throughout the week at home and attempt to do work.

Strictly Come Dancing
This has become my Saturday night ritual with my mum. I don’t usually get home from work until 6.15 which is the perfect timing to coincide with the beginning of the show. One of my new goals in life is to become famous enough to be on the show. Although I do have dance training, I have no training in ballroom or Latin, just ballet and tap! I originally was going to try to revise at the same time as watching the programme but that went out of the window in week 1. It’s nice to just chill out for a couple of hours after a long, stressful day at work.

The Flash
I’m hooked on this show right now. This is always the first TV show I watch on my Friday TV catch-up session; I didn’t watch the first season when it was originally broadcast on Sky 1. I just remember being bored one day during the summer and it happened to be on at about 10am so I watched an episode a day for a couple of weeks and was obsessed! Now series 2 is on on a Tuesday night (?), I recap on a Friday. I loved Grant Gustin on Glee and knew it wouldn’t be long before he snagged a lead role; I’m still waiting for him to break out into song and dance though (apart from that one scene where he goes to a karaoke bar in season 1!).

Dance Mums
It’s not quite Dance Moms with Abby Lee Miller but it’ll have to do until the original is back. I cannot understand a word that the kids or their mothers are saying the majority of the time (ruddin’ Scouse accents!) but I still love it nonetheless. Jennifer Ellison seems like the perfect teacher: encouraging when you’ve performed well but stern when she knows there’s still improvements to be made.

Dance Academy
My current Netflix series of choice. I’m gutted because I only have half a season left to watch and that will mean digging around for something new soon! I mean it’s not a show that’s going to win any Emmys any time soon but the characters are so relatable even if you’re not a dancer. I love how it focuses on ballet more than anything and the difficulties that a ballerina faces, something of which I know first-hand.