What I’m Watching

With my current busy schedule, I don’t get a massive amount of time to sit down and watch TV; however when I do, I tend to sit down to the same shows!
Pretty Little Liars

I’ve already seen the latest episodes on Netflix but since I had yesterday and today off sick, I’ve started watching the first couple of series on DVD again. I’m so obsessed with it. I’m that bad, I keep doing quizzes to see which girl I’m most like (Spencer most of the time!).

Strictly Come Dancing

I’ve only just watched Friday’s episode as I was watching rugby but I watched Saturday night’s episode live and I’m hooked already! I’ve got no idea who I want to win yet though!

Great British Bake Off

I’m gutted it’s nearing a close but it’s getting even more exciting! And breaking news today, Tamal is gay (bet lots of you are gutted!).

Downton Abbey

I don’t get to watch this on a Sunday night as I need to be in bed at 9 for my 5am alarm the following morning. However, I’ve just watched the first episode and I love it already. Let’s face it, Maggie Smith makes the show!