The next installment is here, following Jan/Feb and March/April. I’m trying to get through a few more series in the second half of 2021 so hopefully there will be more next time. For now, here’s what I’ve watched in May and June. 



Grey’s Anatomy s8-11

I know for a fact it will take me longer to watch the later seasons because they’re just not as good. I have such loyalty to George, Cristina and Derek (the OGs) and then Mark and Lexie. There’s something about some of the newer characters I just can’t warm to. However, I will persevere so I can get up-to-date before the new season starts in September.

Center Stage

My favourite film of all time. I used to watch it weekly growing up but just watch it a few times a year now. It doesn’t matter that it’s 21 years old now, it still inspires me every time I watch it. I love that most of the cast are trained dancers or have some dance experience and that the ensemble cast are all professionals too. Honestly, if you’ve never seen it, it’s the best film ever!

Gossip Girl s1

It’s been a while since I rewatched Gossip Girl and now it feels really nostalgic. It’s very problematic in parts, some of the storylines about teenagers are bonkers and the school uniforms are still perfection. Nate is still the best guy on the show; he has his dodgy moments and picks inappropriate women but he’s a good guy at heart I think. 

The Hills s1

They might be cringe but LC and the gang are hilarious. I was feeling nostalgic so I had to watch it. Lauren and Whitney will always be my two favourite people from the show and I loved following their careers at Teen Vogue and their friendship. I’ve only managed to watch season 1 so I’m very nearly at the iconic “Lauren will always be the girl who didn’t go to Paris’ line. 


Law and Order: SVU s21

As you all know, I could watch this show all day long (and often do). I’m watching many series of it at the same time right now. I don’t like season 21 as much because Carisi’s promotion means we don’t see him as much (he’s my absolute fave). However, Benson and her team are still as kick-ass as ever!


9-1-1 s2

My other favourite firefighting team are the gang at the LAFD. Season 2 is great to see the backgrounds of Hen and Chimney and they both finally get big storylines. I really hope this cast is as tight off-screen as they are on-screen because they seem like a close-knit cast.

Now TV

Chicago Fire s9

How dare they leave it on a cliffhanger like that? Will they or won’t they survive? I’m also not the biggest fan of Casey and Brett as a couple. I love Sylvie but Matt has got more boring as the series have gone on (it’s a good job he’s handsome). However, I’m thrilled that Severide and Kidd are finally engaged and they best not ruin their relationship!

Chicago PD s8

These Chicago shows are giving us all the happy endings this year, not! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Halstead on the show but I’m not a big fan of him and Upton together. On the other hand, I’m all for Burgess and Ruzek getting back together and being a family with little Makayla. 

Chicago Med s6

Although it’s my least fave of the Chicago shows, I still like to keep up to date with it. I’m glad that Manning is finally leaving; her character just annoys me for some reason. Hopefully Halstead will keep his job now she’s gone despite his issues. I’ll be sad to see April leave though but she’s been under used for so long on the show!

9-1-1: Lone Star s1

Oh look, another firefighting show! The spin off to 9-1-1 is probably the better of the two. It also is home to my favourite TV couple currently, TK and Carlos. I love that they’re flawed and not perfect but still love each other. Also, the diversity on this show is far better than most other fire service shows. 

Law and Order: SVU s22

The latest series of SVU has been really interesting so far. Somehow, they manage to keep coming up with thought-provoking storylines and have done for 22 series. I still wish Carisi was part of SVU though because we don’t get to see him as much as we used to!

The Hills: New Beginnings s2

Wow, this show is even more drama-filled than it was originally! Honestly, I just think they all need to grow up, stay out of the limelight and stop being fame hoggers. Then again, I’m still watching so they must be doing something right! It’s so bad but it’s so good!


Line of Duty s6 (BBC One)

So I binged the first five series in a couple of weeks but it felt so weird to just watch one episode a week on live TV! However, it was definitely worth it as we all spent all week chatting about the episodes! Despite the pretty rubbish reveal, we were all hooked until the very last second. Here’s to hoping there’s a seventh series.

Law and Order: SVU s8 + s18-19

Another day, another SVU binge. I’ve taken to taking extended lunch breaks and squeezing in two episodes a day and some days I sit and watch eight. It’s all about balance, people!


Jeremy Jordan: Carry On (Broadway World)

Jeremy is one of my favourite actors and singers of all time; he could sing ANYTHING and sound amazing (I even have a Youtube playlist dedicated to his performances). This concert unfortunately had too much dialogue and not enough singing for me. I loved getting to know his background but I really just wanted him to sing for hours on end.


As you can see, what I’ve watched in May and June wasn’t as much as usual but I’ll definitely make up for that during autumn/winter. I tend to watch a LOT of telly later in the year! 

Anything familiar on my list of what I’ve watched in May and June? Any favourites or something you’d love to give a go? Leave me a comment below or let’s chat on Instagram. Don’t forget to tell me which show on my list of what I’ve watched in May and June it is though!



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