What’s In My Uni Bag?

Today was meant to be my first day back at uni but I’ve been throwing up all morning so I can’t even go in! But nevertheless, I’m getting all my to-do list for the house done today. First up was to write this post! Despite not being there, I packed my bag last night with all of my essentials in it:

This is my bag that I take most of the time. I bought it from Forever 21 a while ago and I loved it because of the zips on the side of it. It’s not going to last much longer but it’s great for days when I don’t need to take loads of stuff, like my laptop! On the days when I need my laptop, I take a rucksack!

Next up are the actual stationary I use for my lectures. I colour co-ordinate my modules so I don’t get confused. This semester, International Marketing is blue and Strategic Marketing and Planning is pink. Inside each of these I put the exercise book in the corresponding colour to take notes in, the lecture slides and any additional printouts needed. I also have a lever arch folder for each module at home which I put all my notes into after the lecture.

I also take a pencil case with a variety of colours for notes/diagrams and a highlighter in the same colour as my folders to highlight important words/phrases during the lecture.

I always have my purse with me at all times at uni (not that there’s any money in it!); it contains all my usual discount cards and bank card as well as my NUS card and Hull Uni ID card. I do try and have some spare change on me so I can treat myself to a cheeky hot chocolate when I want to!

I also carry a make-up bag with me but don’t actually carry make-up in it!

These are my essential items for on-the-go:

  • Tissues
  • Ibuprofen
  • Vaseline
  • Small perfume sample
  • Anti-bacterial handwash
I always do my make-up before I leave the house so don’t see the point in carrying it around all day.
I also always have my phone with me (duh!), a bottle of water and usually some sort of food. I take a sandwich with me if I’m at uni for a few hours and a chocolate treat.
What are your university essentials? Are you as organised as I am?