I read a lot of books but you’ll soon notice that I watch even more TV. I watch a mixture of streaming services, recorded Sky+ shows as well as old-fashioned DVD box sets. Because I watch so much, I thought I’d revamp the old ‘watchlist’ and share what I’ve watched in January and February so far this year. 

As you’ll be able to tell below, I watch a wide range of TV shows, from crime dramas to reality TV to medical shows. I like to watch a mixed bag so I don’t get bored of watching the same genre. Keep reading to see what I’ve watched in January and February 2021.



Chicago Fire s9* + Chicago PD s7-8* + Chicago Med s3-6*

I’ve lumped these three altogether because they’re part of the same family! After rewatching Fire and PD at the end of 2020, I continued with rewatching Med. I managed to catch up just in time to start the new series! I’ll admit I’m treating myself to just one episode of each a week so I can watch it at a slower pace.

Hollywood Singing and Dancing

This is one of my favourite series but I don’t get to see it often. It’s a 13-parter all about the history of the Hollywood musical. It goes back to the 1920s right through to the mid-2000s. I want them to add another episode on the 2010s though!

Framing Britney Spears

Britney is the Princess of Pop and I won’t hear anything bad said about her. The documentary was heartbreaking; she had poor management from the very beginning and it’s basically an internal look at how misognistic the media is. I hope she can find some peace and happiness.



A Confession

This is by far one of the best true crime dramas I’ve ever seen. It follows the case of two women who are murdered by the same man, four years apart. The cast is exceptional and the plot is just heartbreaking.

The Bay s1+2

My other favourite crime drama is The Bay. I decided to rewatch the first series before the second was released and almost forgot just how good it was. Series two is sadder than the first and the story has so many twists. I watched it over two nights because I couldn’t wait a week between episodes!


Honour was one of the hardest watches for me. It explores a case of honour killing true story as a drama. It’s a real world problem that doesn’t seem to be addressed often. Honestly, there are hundreds every year but it’s rare they come to prosecution. These young women need to be protected.

Broadchurch s1-3

Now this is my favourite crime drama on UK TV and it’s a treat to rewatch it. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are national treasures. There’s also the very handsome Jonathan Bailey from Bridgerton in it as a junior journalist. It’s such a gripping show that I demand another series be made. 

A Mother’s Son

This is a drama all about family and morals. It’s only two episodes but it makes great drama. It’s all about family dynamics about two previously divorced parents as life as a new couple. I won’t give too much away but it’s certainly an interesting take!


Cheat is such a creepy drama, even more so on a second watch. I’ve never seen this sort of a drama set at a university so it was definitely a new style for me.

Deadwater Fell

Another David Tennant drama. This is all about the death of a family in a house fire and the events leading up to and after it. You’re never quite sure who’s done it until the very end as all of the locals’ lives are mixed up. It’s gripping from start to finish.



Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team s9-11*

I’ve watched DCC: MTT for a couple of years and it’s still my favourite reality show. I’m so impressed by the dance skills on show and what the young women go through to become NFL cheerleaders. I always rewatch it as it’s a comfort show, reliving my dancing days. 



9-1-1 s1*

If you can’t tell, I watch a lot of shows to do with crime and the emergency services, whether they’re UK or US-based. 9-1-1 is now on Disney+’s Star channel and I’m so glad I can watch it from the beginning again. 



Grey’s Anatomy s1-3* (DVD)

This is one of only two TV shows I’ve ever cried at (The OC is the other) because it’s such an emotional rollercoaster! I prefer the earlier seasons but they’re all still enjoyable. I rewatch the show every year now I’ve got to the end of it. Any medical knowledge I have, I’ve got from this show.  

Law & Order: SVU s13*+15* (5USA + Sky Witness)

It’s such a struggle to find SVU anywhere online so I’ve had to divert to recording episodes on Sky+. I watch an episode every day at lunch now as a little treat to myself. 


TV is definitely my favourite way to relax; it allows me to tune off after work. Sometimes I’ll watch something when working but it has to be a show I’ve seen multiple times before! 

I love TV so much so why not share what I’ve watched in January and February? I will be posting this series monthly from now on so look out for the next installment at the start of April! I’m also posting about the TV I’m watching on Instagram too!



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