Why I Love High School Musical

It’s 9pm on a Monday night and I’ve put my iPod on shuffle. We’re All In This Together comes on and I immediately get out of bed and do the dance. Yes, I know it step-perfect.

It’s been over 10 years that High School Musical made its premiere on Disney Channel and still, I’m obsessed. All my life, I’ve been surrounded by song and dance IRL and on film but none of them seemed relatable.

I was 12/13 when it first came onto TV screens and I remember making my mum and dad sit through it. For months after, my best friend and I listened to/watched nothing else. I remember us dancing to Bop To The Top at school (I was Sharpay obvs) and spending our dinners singing to it constantly.

Now I’ve got older, it will still be one of my favourite film series. I love all three films dearly and will always secretly wish I was Gabriella Montez so here are 10 reasons why I love the films so much:

1. It introduced us to the God that is Zac Efron. Need I say more?

2. It was the start of something new for me: my first massive girl crush was on Vanessa Hudgens. From that point on, I wanted her hair, her style and most importantly, her boyfriend Zac. Even now, I stalk her on Instagram and follow her red carpet style. I even bonded with my best friend over our obsessions of her style!

3. It has the catchiest songs. Yes, it might be cheesy as hell, I’m aware of that, but you always sing along to them and probably have a dance. If you didn’t learn the moves, you’re not a true Wildcat.

4. It brings out your inner actress. Everytime I sing Gotta Go My Own Way, I channel Gabriella saying goodbye to Troy and it makes me so emotional. (Massive hair envy in this scene too!)

5. It proves that you don’t have to have a niche. You can play sport or be good at maths or science and be a musical theatre kid at the same time. It’s all about breaking that status quo!

6. Girls can be smart too. I was so thrilled that there was a strong, beautiful, intelligent and talented female lead in a film. Gabriella isn’t perfect but she’s someone every woman can aspire to be like. The girl gets early admission to Stanford and I’m so glad that she decides to go for it!

7. It was educational. All the Spanish need to know, I learnt from Bop To The Top. Aye que fabulosa!

8. It taught us about how a guy should treat you. Okay, Troy is a bit shitty sometimes but in the end, he makes a huge sacrifice and goes to a college to be closer to his girl, whose attending her dream school. And he turns up to her house at night with a pizza; who doesn’t want a boyfriend like that?

9. It still gives me hope that I will meet my perfect guy during karaoke.


I will still never get over Zanessa’s split; it was far too emotional for me to comprehend at the time and I’m still optimistic they will get back together in the end. Don’t forget…