During my Masters, I did a lot of box-set binge-watching. Even if I had been at uni/work all day long, I still found time to turn on the TV. I finally got round to the letter G in my collection and decided to give Grey’s Anatomy another watch. On first viewing, I didn’t really get it. I was probably only half watching it in all honesty so I gave it another chance. And boy, am I glad I did. I’m now SO obsessed that I bought series 2-9 to add to my collection. And yes, I still collect DVDs!

Upon viewing, I thought up this idea of basically writing down the random thoughts I had whilst watching the first few seasons. As you can see, they are very random but if you’re an addict like me, I hope you enjoy! If not, get on Amazon Prime and watch it for free!


1. Wow, Meredith gets a lot of airtime for quite a boring character.

2. I love how diverse this cast is.

3. God, it’s like The Vampire Diaries. There are no ugly people on this show. Even the Chief is a good-looking old man.

4. Oh McDreamy or McSteamy? I think I like Dr Karev a little more! I mean he’s a dick but I just fancy him more. McDreamy is a gentleman most of the time and McSteamy is hot but Karev is something else: he can be the hybrid of the two.

5. I think I may be a medical genius now I’ve watched a couple of series.

6. Are all hospitals like this with their staff copping off with other doctors and/or patients? I need to get myself admitted.

7. Kate Walsh really is the perfect woman, girl crush alert.

8. Having to do a rectal exam sounds delightful. Not.

9. Why do they all look so good after a long, stressful day at work? I do a nine hour shift and look like absolute shit. And then they go home and have sex? Christ, I can barely even make food when I get home, let alone think of sex.

10. Cristina is me throughout school. I always wanted to be the best. And she has the best one-liners.

11. Wow, these doctors do drink a lot. Doesn’t it take 24 hours for alcohol to pass out of the system? Should they be performing surgery a few hours after getting drunk?

12. Dr Burke is a dick. How dare he leave Cristina? And turns out after more digging, a homophobe. Thank God they got rid!

13. I’m obssesed with Meredith and Cristina’s friendship. “I’m your person.” Urgh, I just cried. Again.

14. If I drown, I hope I have a handsome doctor nearby to save me.

15. Oh for god’s sake Meredith, just get over yourself and let Derek love you!

16. God, why did they make Izzie and George a thing? Their friendship was so great but them having drunk sex spoiled it all!

17. I need a voiceover to start my day every day.

18. Dr Bailey is who I aspire to be like when I grow up.

19. How did I not like this a few months ago? I’m a fully-fledged addict.

20. What is this water falling down my face? I have a black heart, I cannot have tears.
The show really does hit some heavy and sometimes ground-breaking subjects. Certain characters have more growth than others and some get more screen time than others (here’s looking at you Meredith) but it really is gripping. Don’t be put off by the musical episode, it’s pretty awful. Now it’s time for me to sit down to watch season 8!


Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan? Who’s your favourite character on the show? 
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