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With autumn well and truly here and winter on the way, what is better than getting comfy in front of the telly and watching a box set? That’s pretty much what I do all year round but when you have a blanket on and copious amounts of hot chocolate, it’s extra cosy.

Now I watch a lot of TV so I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert. I tend not to watch a lot of ‘live’ TV because I like to watch multiple episodes in one sitting and hate having to wait a week for the next episode. I love discovering new shows but equally I enjoy watching the same stuff over and over again.

Dramas are probably my favourite genre to watch; they’re gripping, emotional, relatable characters and storylines. Most of my faves are from that teen drama category, I grew up watching them so I still love them! Here’s a look at my top 10. It was incredibly hard to narrow them down but sometimes, needs must!


1. The OC

I’ve not re-watched this for a while now but it’s still my favourite show by far. I remember watching it on T4 on a Sunday morning growing up but never really understood it until I got older and bought the box sets. I lived for Summer and Seth: that Spiderman-style kiss is legendary! Summer will always be the one character on TV that I wish I was in real life. Let’s face it, Rachel Bilson is a goddess.


2. One Tree Hill

Ah Tree Hill, how much you are loved. This show has everything: hot guys, hot girls (here’s looking at you Sophia Bush), epic romance, sports, friendships, murder. It’s got something for everyone. I’ve always admired how the writers could keep the storylines going (yes I know Mark Schwahn is now an arse) but these characters have such depth. In the first season, some of them are less complex than others but many go on a real journey and end up as your fave character by the end of it!


3. Chicago Fire/PD/Med/Justice

Now technically I know these are four completely seperate shows but they all class as the #OneChicago family so I’m putting them as one! If you don’t know already, I am obsessed with this franchise. It’s full of drama, intensity, romance, oh and very pretty people (seriously, the men and women are beautiful in this franchise!). My favourite is definitely Fire purely because I’ve seen it more than the others but they’re all good! A great binge-watch!


4. Gossip Girl

I’ve recently just finished re-watching it and didn’t realise how problematic it is! I’ve always dreamed of having a Serena to my Blair but my god, those two are so awful to each other! Despite their phenomenal wardrobes, most of the characters I’ve discovered really are horrible yet I am invested in their stories. Jenny is such an awful person but she has a killer wardrobe in season 3 so I can forgive her slightly. And don’t even get me started on Vanessa! At least Georgina and Jack admit they’re evil! (They should have their own spin-off!)


5. Gilmore Girls

Now I’ve only watched this in the past few months for the first time and I absolutely love it. I’ve no idea why I hadn’t watched it before now! Yes it has its many flaws as do several characters but I was most definitely a Rory at school, apart from the boyfriend part (I went to an all-girl school and didn’t really integrate with boys properly until I was about 17). Books are a girls best friend. I’m still unsure whether I want her to end up with Logan, Dean or Jess. I actually quite like Logan, he’s a bit of a prat but he can be loving. Dean was too soppy and demanding but Jess really brought out another side to Rory, not necessarily all good.


6. Pretty Little Liars

I can forgive the final episode because the first few seasons are so good. It’s the one show that I never thought was boring/predictable until right at the end. As gross as the student/teacher relationship was, I do adore Aria and Ezra. I hate to be that girl but I love Spencer. I’ve always said I’ve got some of her personality with Aria’s looks. I mean I don’t look like Lucy Hale but we’re similar heights/hair colours/build etc. I wish I was as smart as Spencer though!


7. Glee

Ok, so again the last couple of series were pretty crap. They really did try to carry on once Cory died but it just wasn’t the same. I felt sorry for the smaller characters because it turned into the Rachel/Blaine/Kurt show. I mean, I adore these characters but I wanted to see more of Artie and Tina. I mostly enjoyed season 4 because who doesn’t love New York and I’m obsessed with Rachel’s style post-makeover (kudos Kurt and SJP!)


8. Smash

One of the most underrated shows on TV, Smash is a must-watch for any musicals fan. A TV show about putting on a musical? Perfect! The soundtrack is incredible, the costumes are divine and the cast are incredible. There are so many famous, talented people in the show and my love, Jeremy Jordan features in season two, yaaassss! I really wish it got renewed for further seasons but I’m hoping that they turn the musical put on in the show into a Broadway show! Bombshell deserves to be on a stage!


9. The Hills

Not really a drama but let’s face it, it is a reality show but it’s scripted. Even when I binge watch the show, I rarely watch past season 5.2 because I HATE Kristin. I have such an affiliation for LC and Whitney that I just can’t like Kristin. Plus I missed the days when it focused on their work and friendships instead of purely on drama and their love lives. Spencer? HE’S A SUCKY PERSON. Heidi? I want to forgive you and I want to forget you. (If you don’t get these references, you’re not a true fan.)


10. Downton Abbey

The ultimate box set for when you’re sick. I wasn’t that keen on the show when it first was on TV because period dramas have never really been my thing. However, I remember watching it one Sunday evening at some point during season 3 and I couldn’t believe how good it is! The Dowager Countess is my favourite character by a country mile because she has the best one liners!


Notable mentions: Hart of Dixie, Friday Night Lights, The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy (only because it was featured yesterday, it’s not in my top 10!), Revenge, Dance Academy.



I get through a lot of box sets; they’re just great to stick on on a night or a weekend and before you know it, you’ve got through five or six episodes! I don’t often give them my full attention, they’re often just on in the background but because I’ve seen them all dozens of times, I don’t need to give them my full concentration.

As you can see, I’ve become obsessed with GIFs. I didn’t plan on this but when you are out of the house between 7.30am and 6.30pm, it becomes impossible to take photos. I don’t have any photography kit either so sunlight is my friend! My weekend will consist of a bulk photo and editing session!

What is your favourite TV drama? Have I missed yours off my list? Let me know! 
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