New beginnings. Fresh starts. Sometimes you just need change. Change doesn’t always have be huge or life-changing, it can be minimal. For me, small changes always seem to have the best outcome. That’s why the main area I wanted some change was this blog. It’s been my little space on the Internet for some time now. Recently, I’ve been re-inspired to give it another go and try a small blog re-brand. The English Everygirl 2.0.

After doing A LOT of research, I decided it was best to move to self-hosted WordPress if I’m going to really push on in 2019. With the help of Fiona, here we are. I have zero technical skills so the whole migration was thanks to her! 

Along with the move, there’s a new theme. It’s not hugely different from my previous one but it feels a little cleaner. I’ve been doing a tonne of work behind the scenes to make my relaunch perfect but I will be making subtle changes throughout the next couple of months until I’m 100% happy with my blog!

I decided to make some changes after listening to Vix’s Exciting Emails podcasts and chatting to some fellow bloggers in the Facebook group. I love the community around bloggers/influencers lately; there’s such a wealth of support and experiences being shared which is what it’s meant to be about! I’ve never really experienced the negative side of it all as I try to surround myself with positive influences!

Because I’ve been so inconsistent with my posting schedule for the past two years, I’ve had lots of time to think. Going back to the start and doing some blog admin meant I rediscovered why I started a blog in the first place. 

I love to write. I’ve loved to write since I was about six or seven since I designed a newspaper front page for a school competition and won, of course. My passion has seen me through school, college, university and my Masters but having to write for education in recent years had basically sucked the fun out of it for me.

The truth is, I’ve missed creating. Blogging has always been an outlet for my writing but it’s evolved since then and it’s a much bigger blogosphere. I think ultimately I put too much pressure on myself. I know I can write but it’s everything else that goes along with it: photography, SEO, social media, analytics. These are my weak spots. However, blogging has always been a learning curve and it always will be for me.

Speaking of BIG changes, I have taken a huge leap of faith and I’ve gone full-time freelance. I’ve been side-hustling for some time now and have decided to do it permanently! It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking but it’s a risk I think it’s time to take. 

I’ll be doing a mixture of blogging, general copywriting and social media management for whoever needs me. It will be a struggle at first as I’m starting from very little but I’m definitely passionate about making this a success. If it doesn’t work, I’ll go back to an office job but I’m ready to become my own boss and take control of my own destiny. God, that sounds so cheesy! So if you know a business in need of some digital help in the above areas, let them know or please tell them about me! 

Well, a whole load of me stressing probably but that’s nothing new! I now have the challenge of earning an income on my own without the safety net of a salary. This means I’ll be blogging more regularly and finding new opportunities. I need to start being more pro-active or else none of my plans will work!

July 2019 also marks five years of The English Everygirl so I’d love to plan something momentous to celebrate it! It’s been a rollercoaster journey for me and it’s really yet to take off but I’m feeling really positive about 2019 and the direction I want my blog to take. 

I’m also changing my focus a little in terms of content. I’ve always just produced a real mixed bag of content and I really want to narrow it down. I’m not 100% sold on my new niches but I’ll give them a try for a while to see how things go. The focus will shift back to budget/high street, cruelty-free beauty as it seems this was my most popular content so far. I also want produce more posts on organisation and planning again as this is an area that I have so much passion for. The other area I want to explore is minimalism. Under this category, there will be a mixture of posts as I try a new challenge for 2019 (more of that to come). I’ll probably share regular, personal essay-type posts too when I think of a topic that I feel I have something to say on. I’ll also be doing a monthly catch-up style posts full of my highlights of the month as well as my regular goals. 

I’m really excited to start producing new content and my brain is already brimming with ideas. It will be a learning curve as I discover my place in the blogging world and where best my blog fits but for me, my blog is all about my personal tone of voice so you just feel like we’re having a chat when you read a post!

Let The English Everygirl 2.0 commence! In the meantime, get to know me a little better by reading my new and improved About page where I spill a whole host of secrets about myself (not really, but I had to jazz it up somehow)!

If there is certain content that you’ve loved from me before or ideas you’d like me to cover, just let me know! Leave a comment or tweet me!

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The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.