Waching films and TV has always been a favourite hobby of mine. I can get lost for hours watching the characters play out their lives on screen. I almost feel lost when my favourite TV shows end (probably because I’m never satisfied by the final episode, here’s looking at you PLL) as I grow attached to the characters.

Since moving to uni and not having very many hours at work in my first couple of months in Sheffield, I was able to watch a tonne of shows and movies and I thought it would be a nice idea to review them once a month or so; maybe you’ll find something you like the sound of yourself?

In my first installment, I’ve included both September and October as that was when I first moved to Sheffield. I’ve watched a complete mixture of stuff, including new-to-me films and tried-and-trusted box sets. I’m so glad I brought my DVD player to uni as Netflix/Amazon Prime can be a little unreliable at times!

Musicals/Dance Films

Center Stage
Probably my favourite film of all time. It’s a must-see for dancers and fans of dance. It’s an inside look at what it takes to be a professional ballerina. The soundtrack is awesome and the dance sequences are out of this world. It’s the film I always stick on if I’m in need of some inspiration.

The Last Five Years
After buying something off Amazon last month, I had a voucher to spend in their online store. I thought I’d add a musical that I’ve never seen. When Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan are together on screen, who am I to say no? There is a lot of singing in this; the dialogue is basically all done in song but it’s a lovely film. A bit like (500) Days of Summer but with singing!

A cheesy classic, perfect for the Sunday afternoon I watched it on! It just so happened to be on TV when there was nothing else on. I’ve been on stage in this number too many times to count so it will always hold a special place in my heart. My dad despises the film, probably because I used to sing the soundtrack constantly as a kid!

An American In Paris
I’m firmly in the ‘Gene Kelly is better than Fred Aistaire’ camp. He just oozes style and charisma. Genuinely, if I was a teenager during the 40s/50s, he would’ve been my celebrity crush! The 17-minute ballet at the end of the film is exquisite.

42nd Street
Busby Berkeley is in my top list of choreographers of all time. The dance sequences are what makes the film. The film itself isn’t one of my favourites but my god, the dancing is phenomenal! It made me want to start tap dancing again!

All That Jazz
I wasn’t expecting to like this film as much as I did. The dancing once again was amazing but I expect nothing else from choreographer extraordinaire Bob Fosse, who is a genius in my eyes! I think my favourite dance sequence was Take Off With Us/Airotica; it might be the sexiest dance scene in any musical.


Other Genres

Legally Blonde
Omigod you guys! I always forget how much I love this film until I watch it again! I’ve actually been to see the musical this month so I made sure to watch the movie to prepare! Elle Woods is such a great role model in the end; she works her butt off to prove that she’s not a dumb blonde and graduates top of her class from Havard Law. Seriously, if you’ve not seen it, it’s a modern-day classic.

The Devil Wears Prada
I watched this film for the first time last month and I’ve watched it again since. I fell in love with it instantly! Why has no-one ever forced me to watch it before now? I adore Anne Hathaway’s character; as a journalist, it’s definitely all about who you know which is why she ends up working in fashion briefly.

Kingsman: The Secret Service
In early September, I went away to the Peak District with my parents for a few days and due to boredom, my mum and I ended up watching Kingsman. I couldn’t believe how good it was! I’ve not seen many Colin Firth films (other than What A Girl Wants I think!) but I adore him. Taron Egerton is ridiculously handsome too so maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much!

I came across this on a night of boredom in my flat when it was on Film 4. As soon as I saw that Zac Efron was in it (I’m in love with him and have been since HSM), I thought it was worth a go! There’s quite a few famous faces in it, including Tom Welling, Colin Hanks and Austin Nichols (Brooke’s husband in One Tree Hill!). In fairness, I had it on mostly as background noise but I did find myself watching the majority of it. It’s all about the events that happened after JFK’s assassination so it’s something I’m intrigued about.

Crazy Stupid Love
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are the couple that I wish were a couple. Their chemistry is just undeniable and this is my fave film starring either of them, I think! This film is definitely in my top 5 rom-coms; the supporting cast is incredible too: Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei and KEVIN BACON. Yes, Mr Footloose himself! And seeing Ryan Gosling’s abs doesn’t hurt either. I also have the biggest girl crush on Emma Stone too!

Harry Potter 1-8
I watched the entire series in about a fortnight. Harry Potter is my favourite film series ever. My favourite films are the first one obvs and probably the last 4. The second one I hate because of the spiders, they all need haircuts in Prisoner of Azkaban and I’ve never been a Rob Pattinson fan so the fourth one bores me. You can read everything I’ve learnt from Harry Potter right here.


Chicago Fire series 1-2 + 6
I adore the #OneChicago series and Fire is my favourite by far. I’ve been catching up with the latest series and rewatching the first couple of series to remind me why I fell in love with the show in the first place. It’s the first new series in a while that I’ve binge-watched in the space of a few weeks and since I first bought the box sets a few months ago, I must’ve rewatched them at least 5 times each. I’m loving the new series; still crazy emotional and I’m so happy for Dawsey finally!

Chicago PD series 5
Part of #OneChicago is also PD. I’m not as crazy about PD as I am about Fire but I do like to keep up with it. Series 5 won’t be as good to me because Sophia Bush is no longer in the show and I adore the relationship that Lindsay and Halstead had; they were perfect for each other!

Eat Well For Less
I’m obsessed with this show! I’m not a massively healthy eater but I love saving money! I always get annoyed by the amount that the people on the show spend on their food shopping! My dad always says that if we went on, they’d probably end up increasing our food shop because we are proper bargain hunters!

Britannia High
Growing up, I loved this show. It was dubbed the UK’s version of High School Musical, just it wasn’t as good. The soundtrack is still pretty awesome, written by Gary Barlow, and the show is light-hearted. There’s only 9 episodes too which means you can watch it in a day or two!

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team series 5-6 + 12
This show brought back my love of dance a couple of years ago. I won’t lie, I’m obsessed with following the team and fascinated by how it all works. I’ve been saying that I want to try out for the team so I’ve got my sights on making a UK dance team as a stepping stone to Dallas which I hope to make in a couple of years! I’ve been going back and watching the older series whilst watching the latest series too. I adore that there are foreign girls on the team, one Aussie and a Japanese lady!

Flesh & Bones
Another dance-based show, I randomly came across this on Amazon Prime when I was looking for a dance film to watch. This is not for the faint-hearted. It’s dark, twisted and quite gross at times. There’s a bit of nudity in there and it’s very gritty. I was in awe of the talent of ballet on show but disgusted by the incest storyline. I had to power through the series towards the end but I think I’ll end up watching it again at some point!

As you can see, with my previous job, I had a lot of free time! Next month’s edition won’t be as long! Most of the time, I have the TV on in the background whilst I’m doing work, blogging or cooking! It’s very rare that I sit and watch a film/TV show without doing anything else!

I’ve been bringing a few films from home at a time so I watch everything I own! I’m going through my box sets and musicals in alphabetical order because for the past year, I’ve been watching the same ones on repeat. It’s about time I watched the other stuff on my shelves!

What TV shows and films have you been watching lately? Are you a fan of any of the shows or movies I’ve mentioned? Leave me a comment below!