I’m a few days late for this but I’ve spent the last few days doing a lot of goal-setting. I set my yearly goals before the New Year but I hadn’t got round to breaking them down into quarterly and then monthly goals just yet. Last night, I had a burst of energy to sit down and create my action steps to achieve my big picture goals. My 10 goals for January 2021 are definitely a mixed bag but they will allow me to start on the right track to making everything I want happen in 2021!

Draft three eBook ideas fully

One of my big goals this year is to start making passive income. I’ve no interest in coaching or workshops currently but I do love to write. As someone who buys a lot of eBooks, I thought this could be my next step into introducing paid products to my website. I’m thinking of business-based eBooks for quarter 1 before branching out to write blog-based ones in the rest of the year.

Work on my business Instagram strategy

At the minute, my Content by Sian Instagram feed is a bit hap-hazard. I tend to just post ideas on the day. In 2021, I want to have a proper strategy in place, where I’m providing useful information, tips and tricks as well as a bit of a personal insight too. I’ll be looking at ways to repurpose my long-form content too!

Post to TEE blog 4 times a week

This January, I am 100% with it on my blog. At the end of 2020, I had a huge surge of motivation where I sat down and planned so much blog content. I knew this was the year I really wanted to establish my niches and create more content. I have lots of drafts ready to be spruced up and posted so I want to keep this up!

Work on TEE Instagram

My relationship with Instagram isn’t the best because I don’t enjoy taking photos nor do I have a great camera/phone. Because of this, I tend to shy away from posting. I need to take some time to work out what I’d like to post and how to make it work for me. It doesn’t help when Insta keep adding all these new features constantly!

Batch task everything

This applies to all aspects of my life, but especially blogging and freelancing. Grouping similar tasks together is such a timesaver yet it’s not often I do it! Creating graphics, scheduling social media, writing blog posts and researching ideas should all be done as seperate tasks in bulk, rather than writing one blog post, creating the graphic and then doing the social media for it.

Timeblock every week + create themed days

This follows on from batching tasks above really. Time-blocking and colour-coding my week is a great visual tool to see what needs doing. In January, I’m going to theme my days so I’m not giving too much time to any particular area of my business/blog. I’ll have 2 days for client work, 1 day to work on my business, 2 days to work on my blog, 1 day for self-development and 1 day for relaxation. It seems a lot but if I work during the day, I can relax every evening!

Learn a new skill

I’ve decided that 2021 is the year I stretch myself and learn lots of new skills. January’s skill is Tailwind. I bought the annual subscription in the Black Friday sale but still haven’t really looked at it. I’ll be dedicating some time every week to sit down, learn and then hopefully implement! Pinterest can be a minefield but it’s so incredibly useful as a business owner and a blogger!

Read 10 books

If I want to read 120 books this year, I need to get on track as early as possible. I’m not particularly fussed about what types of books I read as long as I read them! As I post this, I’ve finished 3 books already this month so 10 should be easy, right?

Solidify my morning routine

I’ve been switching it up every day seeing which tasks I need in my morning routine and which don’t serve me as much. January is all about fine-tuning those habits to see which are non-neogitables every single day and which can be part of my longer routine on those days where I need to stay in bed longer!

No-spend month + save £500

If you saw yesterday’s post, you will know that I’m doing a no-spend year in 2021. January is the perfect time to get that started. With lockdown 3.0 here, it means I don’t really have anywhere to go to spend money and I’ve deleted my card details off as many websites as I can. We’re only six days in to 2021 and I’ve already managed to put away £20 into my emergency fund, £40 into my car fund and £75 into my Help2Buy ISA! £135 down, £365 to go!

My 10 goals for January 2021 are achievable but will also stretch me. I’ve always been an over-achiever and 2021 is the year where I start making it happen. I love the aniticipation around setting goals and starting a new year. These monthly goals all align with my goals for the year but are much more manageable for a shorter period. Setting 10 goals for January 2021 might seem like a lot but I like having a plan in place.

Have you set your January goals yet? Any areas to focus on in particular for you? Leave a comment below or come and chat over on Twitter! I’m always sharing my day-to-day achievements on there.


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