Everyone’s saying it today but how is it July already? Half of the year is gone, we’re starting quarter 3, summer is here and life is getting back to normal somewhat. July hopefully brings my first theatre trip since March 2020 (Come From Away in London) as I get to see one of my absolute faves, Six at my local theatre! I’ve got tonnes of exciting projects coming up for my business and blogs so you need to stay tuned. Let’s get right into my 10 goals for July 2021 with a quick look at my stats for June first.



4 – Number of TV series watched

5 – Number of empties

£270 – Money saved

13 – Books read

1774 – Number of pages read

As you can see, I didn’t watch as much TV in June as I often do. I’ve no idea why because I had quite a bit of free time! I also didn’t save as much as I’d hoped so I’m definitely focused on getting that back on track for the rest of 2021. 



July is looking to be a great start to the second half of 2021 for me. I’ve got more clients than ever before, which means more income (hopefully consistently). Whilst I’m super focused on running my business, I do need to streamline certain aspects of it so I can split my time better. Below is a closer look at what I want to focus on this month, my 10 goals for July 2021.

Experiment with social media content (+ schedule in advance)

Whilst with my business, I’ve got into the habit of scheduling social media in advance, my feed is starting to look a bit dull. After a Q+A with Becky, we’ve determined that my feed needs more me! July is all about experimenting with new ideas and introducing more of myself!

Launch CBS newsletter

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but just never got round to it. I think because I write so much content for clients that my own stuff takes a back seat. In July, I want to get my first newsletter scheduled for the end of the month. I’ve got a few ideas of content to include so I’m excited to add another source of content to my biz.

Niche down on TEE content + post consistently

As you’ll soon find out, I’m niching down on The English Everygirl. I want this to be the hub of all things entertainment: theatre I’ve seen, TV and film I’ve watched and books I’ve read. I’ll still be doing my monthly goals posts and the odd personal post but for the most part, it will focus on my hobbies: theatre/musicals, TV + film and books. 

Launch Saving with Sian blog + Instagram

Because I just have all the time in the world (not), I thought of the genius idea of launching blog #2. This one will focus on all things money: my experiences, top tips and focus on budgeting and saving. As you all know, I’m in the process of saving for my first house as a solo buyer so I thought to hold myself accountable and take you all on the journey with me, I’d create a blog around that!

No-spend month

I’ve been spending a lot lately for no reason (mostly buying clothes and returning them straight away) so I need to get back on track with my budget. The other day, I spent some time creating July’s budget and have set myself some new savings goals too. The second half of 2021 is all about being strict with my spending so I can save more and get back on track with my no-spend year.

Side hustle £100

My side hustle pot is all about travel. Any money here is to pay for (hopefully) some UK city breaks later in the year. I’m hoping to go to Manchester for a few days as well as some theatre trips dotted around too. My side hustles mostly consist of surveys, round-ups and cashback (aff) currently.

Get all clothes on eBay

The money I make from here will go into my side hustles pot too. I’ve tried both Depop and Vinted in recent months and didn’t sell a thing! eBay seems to be the best website for my clothes, despite their fees, so I want to get the pile of clothes that I no longer wear on there. Anything not sold by the end of August is going to charity.

Read 10 books

I’m just about on track with my 2021 target. Now I’ve finished with Kindle Unlimited for the time being, I can get reading the hundreds of unread books on my Kindle. I want to get through as many as possible before the year ends but I’ll be going through them alphabetically because I can never decide what I want to read!

Bake once a week

After a month or so away from it, I realised I missed it! I only bake for myself and my household so whilst I bake the same things, nobody ever complains! Jane’s Patisserie is the place to be for any sweet recipe so I’m hoping to try a couple of new recipes from her too.

A new approach to time-blocking

It’s certainly a technique that doesn’t work for everyone but in July, I’m taking a new approach. I’ll be dedicating a half/full day per client and getting as much work done for them in that time. This is so I’m not dipping in and out of research for multiple clients. I’ll be able to stay in one brain mode (if that makes sense) and complete their work in one go.


There you have it, my 10 goals for July 2021 post is complete. I’m really excited to get started with them and feel super motivated. Some have been on my list from the start of the year and I will finally complete them. Others are brand new so I’m testing the waters. 

Are any of my 10 goals for July 2021 similar to yours this month? Leave a comment below or come and chat over on Instagram. I want to start posting consistently on there so you can hold me accountable!



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