If you didn’t know already, I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter. I’ve loved it since the very beginning. Yes, I had a dip in the middle but then I rediscovered my love for it during my teenage years. Seeing as I’ve grown up with Harry, Ron and Hermione (not literally, obviously, I wish!), I thought I’d share with you all the life lessons that I’ve learnt from the books and films.

1. Friends are the family you choose yourself. Harry unfortunately loses his family at a very young age and has to make his own. The Weasleys basically adopt him and his friends become his family. You can tell that Harry has a good character from the very first film after he declines Draco’s offer of friendship.

2. Pronunciation is very important. Harry learned that pronouncing Diagon Alley as Diagonally sent him to the complete wrong place. Learn how to enunciate clearly and you will get through life in one piece.

3. Being intelligent is cool. I am Team Hermione all the way and I love that there was a strong female lead who loved to read books. Girls can have both beauty and brains. Let’s face it, Harry and Ron would be lost without Hermione.


4. Find friends who will fight alongside you. Best friends will stand by you through thick and thin. They’ll probably laugh at you rather than with you sometimes and be a little too honest at times but you know they will be there forever.

5. Facing your fears makes you stronger. Sometimes we have to take a huge leap of faith and jump into the unknown. Sometimes you need to experience something terrible to come out stronger at the other side.

6. Stand up for the greater good. If you believe in something strongly. let people know. Whether it’s feminism, mental health, politics or anything in between, you have a right to your opinion and don’t be afraid to tell someone they’re being racist or homophobic.

7. Always tell someone where you’re going. Hermione didn’t and she ended up facing a troll in the girls’ toilets.Whether you tell your mum, your other half or your best friend, there’s a lot of monsters out there including trolls who aren’t very nice.


8. Men and women can be just friends. Harry and Hermione have an amazing platonic friendship; I especially love how they bond over heartbreak in the Half Blood Prince. Whatever you base your friendship on, that’s okay. Also you don’t need to explain to others why you’re just friends. Friendship can be more important than love.

9. Being the cool kid doesn’t really matter. Popularity is overrated. Sure, it’s nice to be liked by others but it’s not worth losing sleep over. Just be yourself and true friends will come to light.

10. Money isn’t everything. The Weasleys are the perfect example of a working-class family. They don’t earn that much as a household and don’t always have the newest belongings but what they do have is each other. They care more about people than possessions.